SDISJ midweek chart update - Thursday

Added on Thursday 18 August 2005, 15:30 (BST)

In the latest UK midweek charts revealed earlier today (Thursday), Seven Days In Sunny June is at number 14 (up one place from yesterday), with Dynamite at number 14 (no change).

The final chart positions will be revealed on Sunday afternoon. 

This information is courtesy of the excellent chart forums.

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C'mon SDISJ! you can make it to the top ten! i've already bought 2 copies!!! were gonna get you in the top 5 at least!

I am not particularily bothered about how well it does in the charts. lets face it jay and the lads are doing well and we all know its a cracking tune and anybody with sense knows it too.The charts reflect absolutely nothing, remember crazy frog????????? Real music never charts highly!!

I agree that 2day the charts don't reflect quality music but the truth is that they should. If they did then the single would chart higher. I've just gone and got CD2 in addition to previously buying CD1. Just looking for the vinyl one now!!! Ps the remixes are wicked on CD2!!!

yep they sure are!Blackbeard remix is the best!
i dident think the maxi format contributed to the chart position as a single can only contain under 10 miutes of recording.does anyone no if im right?

you can have up to 20 minutes on a maxi with up to 3 different songs, or up to 40 minutes worth of mixes of the same track. so technichally the 7 days CD2 could have up to 40 minutes on it, although it doesn't.

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