SDISJ midweek chart update - Wednesday

Added on Wednesday 17 August 2005, 17:56 (BST)

In the latest UK midweek charts revealed earlier today (Wednesday), Seven Days In Sunny June is at number 15, with Dynamite at number 14.

The final chart positions will be revealed on Sunday afternoon where everything could be very different!

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ha ha! they have swapped places since last time lol!

hmmmm, i really did feel that this was the bands best chance at their second number one!! easily one of the best tracks theyve ever released and miles better than fjlis which reached number 8!!! well i cant see the single getting to number one anymore let alone break the top 5, maybe top 10 at best. ahh well. ('' ,)

I was fearing that most people had gone and bought SDISJ the first day. I don't get why Jamiroquai are always underrated and get not so high chart positions.Its not sometimes - it almost happens all the time- You give me something, Love foolosophy, COTE, FJLIS and now this possibly. I do the most i can to help but its not us fans who cause this, its the normal music buyers choosing to buy other music rather than Jamiroquai. There's also unfair comments being made, like this morning on the Pulse, a radio station in West Yorkshire, the comment made after playin SDISJ was that the song sounded exactly the same as Jamiroquai's stuff 10 years ago and that the new alb was possibly "an old one repackaged and is being sold" This is exactly what Jay didn't want the reaction to be and the truth is that Dynamite isn't like the old stuff and if it is, well its good! What about other artists like Coldplay who make exactly the same old, boring, repetative music but are branded "one of the greatest bands today" I blame all of this if SDISJ doesn't get top 10.

HOORAH! sum1 finally sed it, jamiroquai do deserve to be number one, bcos they actually vary there music. I swear that McFly have releasead the same song 5 times now!?! lol

Nice post cosmic girl, that's exactly what I feel. I really despair when "music critics" brand songs like Electric Mistress, FJLIS etc as same old same old. The point they have now reached with this bitter and personal grudge against Jay Kay is just pathetic and is a very sad reflection on their profession and the UK music industry as a whole :(

why seven days in sunny june not is 1º??????????
is the best song in the last times...many many better than love foolosophy or another funk oddisey songs...

well said cosmic girl, your right it is not our fault cos i feel the fans do everything in thier power to help the single up the charts. all i can say is it is a sad year for british music when the freshest summer song released doesnt break the top ten and the crazy frog stays at number one for eleventy billion weeks, oh what a nation of chavs we have truly become!!!! ('',)

always the british music will be better.

Michelle its not a case of "someone finally said it" Us Jam fans have said it for years, and to be fair, we dont even NEED to say it...we just KNOW where Jam shud be, single after single and thats hoverin in the top ten after havin a number one hit. We've only had that success with Deeper Underground, and I did think that SDISJ would go in at between 1-3 but these days, novelty tracks, goofy boy bands and one hit wonders are the "trend" unfortunately. Sure Jam arent going to get that coveted #1 spot I know they deserve, but after giving us over 10yrs of great hits, good times, and special moments, we cant reely be complaining.

Once again JK and the band have delivered a superb album that deserves to be no1,and 7days has got to be the single of the year! But dont despair the best music sometimes never reaches no1 but becomes timeless classics...when the crazy frog is long forgotten and compared to the birdies song,radio stations will still be playing 7 days in sunny june,virtual insanity and the return of the space cowboy! long live Jamiroquai ,best british band.

since i live in america, i have a different spin on things..i get excited when i read information like this. the band is still in existence and making albums that WE feel. they've been through so much and so many changes that i am thankful we still have the music. it would be nice for them to perhaps catipult higher in the charts, but that proves nothing. the proof is in the vibe. realize that songs/albums don't climb the charts because of quality, they climb the charts because of their marketing/publicity/promotions team doing their job and pushing their music. whether it's 14 or it's 2 or it's 30, i'm grateful to have the connection with the music. those that don't, it's all good..but for only 20 seconds at a's all mine.
rock on jamiroquai. thanks david for info! sorry i rambled a bit...

If it goes to no. 1 oder not - we all love the music - and thats what we feel - and that is good. not more.
take it easy ;)

Buy it buy it but it! If you've already bought it again!

I totally concur on the lack of chart success that Jamiroquai receive, and it really used to puzzle me. However, you have to remember that Jamiroquai are much more an album based rather than single based band, so their success has to be based much more on their album sales, which has been exemplarary since their inception and I believe makes them the most successful British act in the last 12 years Worldwide.

I believe that Jamiroquai will be one of those bands whereby their albums will keep appealing to generations long after they stop performing. Look at Pink Floyd as an example; they had something like only 3 successful singles in the British charts during their performing days, but have since sold millions of albums to people who have just discovered their music.

Also, you have to remember than music critics' opinions are no more valid that the opinion of you and me; theirs is only one opinion and they have prejudices just like everyone else. Most don't like Jamiroquai because they dare to remain to be different.


Well, In my opinion, record sales is not important for a group like Jamiroquai. ROTSC were not on top of the charts and It stays a masterpiece! Jamiroquai is a group which evolve and which makes his own history by creating great albums and perfect songs. Record sales is reserved to the "artist" who make only one easy success and who disappear the year later! Jamiroquai is here since 1993, with a lot of amazing live performance and a lot of classic hits! who can be compared to them in the world music industry today? No one! Cheers

Im glad there are alot of stellar hardcore true to life Jamiroquai fans amongst us. Its great to see. These people who moan about Jamiroquai are the ones who value a number one hit and nothing else. Jamiroquai are a credit to the music industry, #1 single or not.

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