Sony, Orange and Jamiroquai partnership

Added on Wednesday 17 August 2005, 08:54 (BST)

A press release dated Wednesday 17 August announced that "Sony Ericsson is working with Sony BMG, the record label, to provide Orange with exclusive multimedia content from Sony artist Jamiroquai on its K600i 3G handset.  The agreement follows last week's launch of the W800i 'Walkman' phone, when Jamiroquai front man JK was enlisted to sell the first few handsets at a London store and later gave a private concert for Sony Ericsson guests."

The press release added:

Sony Ericsson's agreement with Orange will provide exclusive video and audio downloads over the Orange 3G network, specifically tailored for the K600i handset. Jamiroquai will also perform at a private concert for Orange's customers and partners. Commenting on his recently discovered enthusiasm for the mobile industry and its marketing dollars, JK said: "I'm learning more and more about these innovative new mobile formats every day and I definitely see them as an important way of getting Jamiroquai's music and visuals out there. 3G is a whole new dimension and I'm delighted to have hooked up with Orange and Sony Ericsson - two leaders in their field."

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consumerism gone mad again
i hate this... this is exactly the sort of thing he spoke out against in his EOPE lyrics
big corporations, consumer exploitation... it would seem that jay has fallen in love with "that paper with a picture of some incredibly generous monarch or extra cheerful dictator on each side, you know the paper that you think if you had piles of it you'd be really happy, yet it destroys so many"

Think I'm in agreement with CosmicAnt. Not sure how I feel about Jay Kay the mobile phone salesman/whore. But then again, working for Sony, and with an album to promote, I guess it's all part of the deal. Plus he's done a lot more (and funnier!) promotional work in Japan. £10 says he doesn't even know what Bluetooth is!

Hey Mister Kay, Keep on singing and stop advertising!!! You are an artist(a genius),not a commercial. Money is on the menu in my favourite restaurant...

i agree with you funkadelic
looks like he forget the EOPE times...

Very sell-out-ish

LOL @ Ez

I'm Orange customer and Jamiroquai fan,how can I see this french private concert in Paris?
I leave in Paris and I was in Nîmes for this "dynamite show" last mounth,wouahhhh.....
Thanks for reply.
All the best.

Me too!! I'm an Orange customer and i'd like to go to his gig in Paris so much! when do you think we can have more informations about that?
JK doesn't seem to follow the lyrics of his own songs but he's got to make money and he's just 'giving a hand' to Sony, his record company so... can we really blame him for doing that?

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