Meet Jay Kay in London - This Friday

Added on Tuesday 09 August 2005, 21:52 (BST)

The following has just been posted to the official Jamiroquai website:

"If you were not lucky enough to win tickets to the exclusive gig this week in London, then why not come along to the Carphone Warehouse store on Oxford Street this Friday for a chance to meet Jay Kay in person at the launch of the new Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman phone."

Further information about the appearance can be found at the official website.

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yesh and Im SO gutted I wont be able 2 get time off work to go down there =(

I'm soooo gunna try 2 get there no doubt about it!!!! Michelle r u gonna go there- we'll go together as i don't think any1 else is gonna come with me!

a load of us cudda met up and gone together, it wudda bin gr8! I cant go cos its 2 short notice..but for those who DO go...U LUCKY FUNKERS!!!! =(

i hope you guys don't take for granted how lucky you are to live in europe and have all these opportunities. have fun for me...since i'll only be there in spirit...ha! *sigh*

Ooooh come one! you all gotta try to meet him..if I lived there in London..give my regards to JayKay!! ;o)))

I'm gonnna be there! shame its on friday though, i would have tried my best to get some tickets!!! LOL. hope to see some off you guys there

Hopefully i will be there on friday. Gutted about missing out on the gig on thursday :(

cosmic girl: i'm gonna find out if i can come, but my mum might not let me bcos we live really far down south... i'm praying i can!

and by the way, does any one know if it costs anything to get in? (if it does then my mum says it can be ma birthday present! making it the best birthday ever!)

There shouldn't be a cost. You'd never catch me paying to go into a carphone warehouse shop!

I cant believe JK is in London, and I have to work......Still ill pump up Seven Days where I work, annoy everyone, and repeat it around 50 times just to make the point that I shouldnt have missed this opportunity!!! Missed out on the London gig also.....Dang!! My luck sucks right now...LOL

Please, if you want to discuss things, could you do it offline in emails and not directly here. Thank you very much. kay...ur the man...wish i could be in london on fri...will be thinking of the lucky funkers that get to meet you!

it's official i'm going! i'm really looking forward to it and i hope that as many people as possible will get to meet him, sorry for sll the people who cant

Have fun everyone, and take plenty of ink refills for your pen "Sir" JK. Perhaps "Sir" JK and the other Jamiroquai band members would consider some autograph sessions at gig venues, that would be highly appreciated and a sincere gesture to serious fans as opposed to a 'by chance' surprise for shoppers who would be lucky enough to be passing and conducted solely for the commercial promotion of a product.

i dont think that 'by chance' shoppers will get a chance to meet him, i bet the queue will be a mile long!

sooooo gutted that i carnt be in london!!! so wish i could be there! what a chance to meet the brother of groovin funk himsel jay!!!! heres to the manchester gig!!!

why does it always have to be London? what about people who would like to meet you, who live in Devon and the south.All important life seems to stop at Bristol! I thoght jay really liked the countryside and wasnt keen on cities for to long!Come to devon jay, Please

I MET HIM!!!!!!!! and yea he shud come to the south, but den again, if u really are desperate to meet him then you can go, i did and i live next to the sea!

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