Making of Seven Days In Sunny June

Added on Tuesday 09 August 2005, 19:58 (BST)

Channel 4 (UK) have added a 5 minute long "Making Of Seven Days In Sunny June" video to their website.  The video was shot on 6 and 7 July in the grounds of Jay's house.  Jay says...

"We didn't have time to go anywhere.  Nowhere else we could have done this video.  This kind of suits it - it's English Summer - that's what I want it to be - an English Summery kind of song.  And a bit nutty and a bit off the scale, and we're going for a proper mayhem day today - mayhem day."

The video also includes a short clip of the performance of Seven Days In Sunny June from the concert at Clapham Common in London from early July. 

A direct link to the video is also available. 

Credit: Mark Roberts

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BRILLIANT VID jay kay is so bootiful & funny lol xx

ahhh love this, cheers!!!

finally i know the name of the jacket...the name of the jacket player is "PERU" (my country!! :) )

"We wish you could be here, but you can't!"
"More brandy...more brandy!"

Funny stuff...and I now know who took that bike into the pool!

I just seem to find this stuff all the time by accident. :D

It's a great vid, and Jay is just very funny ofcourse (as always).
Jay was right, I wished I could be there but I couldn't...

Jay is such a funny guy- brilliant vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE BRANDY! LOVE those guys...i cant wait to see the video.


more brandy! we wish you could be here but you can't! classic jay humor, and it was great the rest of the band was in it to!

"if you could only be here" jay is so hillarious i laughed so much when he said that..

I love it i just love it, it´s a great song and a great video as all jamiroquai do and your right Jay is hillarious i almost fall down of my chair when i hear that, well not almost i actualy fall down but whatever

vamo jamiro

amigo jamiro soy de uruguay, espero q en el 2006 de se una vuelta por el sur,lo esperamos

one of the most funny videos i see in all my life.
a great song ever

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