Making of Seven Days In Sunny June

Added on Tuesday 09 August 2005, 19:58 (UTC)

Channel 4 (UK) have added a 5 minute long "Making Of Seven Days In Sunny June" video to their website.  The video was shot on 6 and 7 July in the grounds of Jay's house.  Jay says...

"We didn't have time to go anywhere.  Nowhere else we could have done this video.  This kind of suits it - it's English Summer - that's what I want it to be - an English Summery kind of song.  And a bit nutty and a bit off the scale, and we're going for a proper mayhem day today - mayhem day."

The video also includes a short clip of the performance of Seven Days In Sunny June from the concert at Clapham Common in London from early July. 

A direct link to the video is also available. 

Credit: Mark Roberts

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