SJISJ TOTP UK performance

Added on Monday 08 August 2005, 09:13 (BST)
Seven Days In Sunny June Top Of The Pops recording

The first of the UK television promotions for Seven Days In Sunny June started on Sunday (7 August) with Top Of The Pops UK broadcasting a performance of the single recorded in May of this year.

Another pre-recorded performance will be shown on CD:UK this coming Sunday.

The Top Of The Pops performance is now available for download and expect to see the CD:UK performance online in a weeks time. 

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Not the best performance, the Later performance was much better, well at least more convincing.

SDISJ has got be a success for the sake of Dynamite. :(

Thanks David for sharing this great video! Good song and good voice for jay who seems to appreciate singing this song! And Derrick is just the best drummer as usual!! Funky times

it was great though!

Like i've already said on the guestbook the performance was great- been putting it on repeat for a long time now i.e since yesterday!!!!! I've got a collection building up of live versh's of SDISJ- from the Chris Moyles show which i just recently downloaded of this site (Thanx David!) and from Jools Holland's show. Can't wait for the CDUK performance!!!!!! The whole band was on top form.

brill performance on TOTP!!! Grest song which will hopefully boost the release of Dynamite!!! the whole thing was grooving!!

I'm starting to hate this song, the performance is not outstanding, can't wait for the release of (don't) give hate a chance.

dont dis the song! it's great, and so is (don't) give hate a chance, they are both great, don't be mean about either!

One of my fave tracks is this one! My SDISJ collection now stands at 5! YAY! Jay, you funkin rule!

Jack: please email me explaining exactly what happens. I can't help you without more information.

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