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Added on Thursday 04 August 2005, 22:05 (BST)
Here is a summary of the most recent chart activity for Seven Days In Sunny June - much of it from the current issue of Music Week.
  • In the "Upfront Club Top 40" chart, the single moved up 11 places to be this week at number 7.
  • In the "UK Radio Airplay Chart" based on plays between 24 and 30 July, Seven Days In Sunny June is at number 17, up 1 place from the previous week.
  • Looking at plays on BBC Radio 1, between 24 and 30 July, the single was played 16 times putting the single at number 17 in their "most played" chart.  During the previous week the single was at number 14 with 17 plays.
  • On the Independent Local Radio (ILR) chart, basd on the total number of plays on 46 mainstream local radio stations between 24 and 30 July, the single is at number 25 - where it was played 743 times, which is up 5 places from the previous week (number 30, with 560 plays).
  • Finally, looking at the video, in the "TV Airplay Chart" (across the same date range), the video was broadcast 177 times and was a new entry in the top 40 at number 36.
I must admit that all these "pre-release", "upfront club" etc. etc. charts are really confusing at times!

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I have to tell you I was impressed today at a friend´s party...they were just playing a local FM radio station while awaiting for somebody to bring some cds, and I was amazed to hear something way over expectations... an FM station from Montevideo Uruguay has included on its PLAYLIST not SDISJ or FJLIS but "(don´t) Give Hate a Chance"!!!!!!!!!!!

wowwwwww and it rockssssssssss, I believe it is a remix but my judgement cannot be true for I haven´t heard the original version yet--- I havent been able to buy my Dynamite Album yet, the one available here in Uruguay is the Argentinian version without Time wont wait, which miex version I downloaded from and I Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! but just to hear Give hate a Chance on a LOCAL Uruguayan radio ruled my day!!!!!! they will certainly keep playing it for they are a very well known and hyper respected Station among youngsters and cool people in my country!!!

URUGUAY rocks! JK rocks Uruguay!!!

Have fun

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