Japanese tour announced

Added on Thursday 04 August 2005, 12:06 (BST)

Sony Music Japan have announced a four-date Japanese tour during November of this year:

  • Tuesday 15 November - Tokyo, Nippon Budokan
  • Wednesday 16 November - Tokyo, Nippon Budokan
  • Friday 18 November - Fukuoka, Zepp
  • Monday 21 November - Osaka, Osaka Welfare Pension Culture Service Center

Further information regarding purchase of tickets is available from

It is expected although not confirmed that Jamiroquai will then head to Australia.

Credit: Yukito Inoue

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yeh... this looks similar to 2002

i think after japan/asia they will come down under to rip australia to shreds! :D

woo ...

But still no confirmed locations for the US tour!!! It's drivin me nuts lol

To comment on Pete, I read in a recent article that they are not planning to do a US Tour. They believe they would undersell at venues since they haven't performed in US since 2001. I'm still hoping he comes out here, keeping my fingers crossed. But if you go to his Jamiroquai website you will see that he's performing in Japan, and Australia, so far we are getting false information on the US tour (no such thing). I am extremely disappointed, but I had the chance to see him in France, Golfe de Juan. I'm from LA. I might consider going to Tokyo as well. France was a great performance, he was awesome! so much energy.

Come to SINGAPORE !!!!!!!!!!!! Im traveling to Dublin to see you and then onto Hamburg, and my husband is sick that he cant come with me.We live in Singapore and im Irish hes Dutch and we will go to Oz to see you too in Dec so please come to Singapore you have lotsa expat fans here.We'll take you out on the tear after.!

Yeah, so they haven't played here since 2001 (or earlier), but that's the worst excuse I've ever heard in my life. Does that mean they they'll never play here again, because it's been a while? By not showing up the in US, they are condemming themselves to obscurity in this country. Come on guys! Don't concede defeat before you've even booked one show! I think that's a pathetic choice, should it prove to be true. Everyone knows "Canned Heat" now, who's seen Napolean Dynamite anyway, haha.

OK, who else has noticed a correlation w/ Jamiroquai's albums and terrorist attacks. 9/11 was "A Funk Odyssey" & "dymanite" was right before the London bombings.... just a thought.

HI, I live in the US and I would also like them to come here, if somebody know something about teh possible places they might come please reply me, thx

how about coming to hk again? i missed the funk odyssey tour cause i was out of the country :(

I agree with anony-mouse. They're just assuming that they would undersell. Not too mention "Napolean Dynamite" was a huge hit in the US, and his CD just came out, give it a chance. I know Jay will be exhausted but think of all his adorning fans?! Plus its not like he would have to sell out tickets at the Hollywood bowl, but he could definitely fill up smaller venues, just a suggestion. Either way, I hope management will reconsider LA in January. Waiting patiently... FYI, Dynamite has nothing to do with any bombings, its from the movie, c'mon now... funkin 24/7.

There are no official cities listed yet, but at the U.S. Jamiroquai website
they have the dates October 21st through November 11th listed as dates for a U.S. tour. Also, all the announced European and Japanese tour dates don't take place during this time. I really believe they are coming. We're just waiting on confirmations now. I hope it doesn't fall through though. Peace!

yeah., I hope the same, but I can t wait to see the tour sates anr places they ll perform!

I'm hoping that Jason also makes it to the states, but this is what I read, I hope it's not true! check it out

and southamerica?? I need Jamiroquaiiiii

What about Brazil???
"We´ve been waiting for too lonnnng.. for too lonnnggg"

PLEASE PLEASE come to the would make my year!

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