Diario de Mallorca interview with Jay

Added on Tuesday 26 July 2005, 16:41 (BST)
There is an interview with Jay (in Spanish) at the website of the Diario de Mallorca.  Jamiroquai perform in Palma de Majorca on Wednesday night.
Credit: Pau Bosch

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(Roughly translated for those interested)

"This is our most psychedelic album"

He spent four years without editing a record and now with Dynamite he reflects his "vengance desires". Jamiroquai, or Jay Kay to that effect, performs tomorrow in the Plaza de Toros de Palma.

Thirteen years ago, an unknown boy was signing a contract to record with Sony's S2 label. Today, Jay Kay and his band have managed to sell 20 million copies, four world tours and 120 weeks in the charts in Great Britain. Jamiroquai, performing in Plaza de Toros palma –in a concert sponsored by DIARIO de MALLORCA- offered an exclusive interview to this newspaper hours before introducing Dynamite, their last album, in the Fire2005 de Roses Festival in Girona.

-The reason of this upcoming tour is the presentation of Dynamite, the new album which maintains the essence of Jamiroquai but sounds a bit different, more energetic and psychedelic.

(Jay?)- Yes, psychedelic. We recorded all tha tracks directly and then we made the necessary changes in a studio to get a harder sound. I think this has been precisely what makes this album a more energetic one.

-Two years of work and recording that has lead you through different parts of the world, even our country. What can be found of it in the album?

-We don't know the precise artistic influence we took from each city we worked at for this album: New York, Los Angeles and even places like Costa Rica and Scottland. We tried to make a cool record, where to get good tunes, make great songs and most importantly, different to the last one. Moving forward is very important for us. Also, I always look for new registers in my óbice and I think this has given good results.

- You've gone through six albums and your career keeps progressing without a pause. Since you started in London, your success has moved through Europe and the entire planet. Now that you perform in front of millions of people, don't you miss your former life in the London clubs where there was a more direct contact between you and the audience?

-Yes. Not long ago we played a show in Paris for 400 people, and frankly, we coincide that it was one of the best and most direct we did, and we realized how much we miss it. The truth is you play differently for millions of people than you do with a couple of hundreds. In the smaller place you worry more about the music and usually the visual show is reduced and the most important thing is what you hear. In the big shows, on the other hand, you are dealing with macro-productions with many technicians, grand decoration, choreographies? In small places we concentrate more on the music.

- How do you manage to get all shorts of people liking what you do? In thirteen years of your career you have seduced audiences of varying ages.

- I think people realize that we ourselves like what we are doing, first and foremost. That is transmitted. Its something we would always like to keep, and at the moment, we're achieving it.

-You've never tried to hide how much you enjoy partying and you have visited Eivissa (Ibiza?) many times. Also, a few years ago the possibility of recording a video there was contemplating. Why didn't it happen?

- Because it rained. (laughter) We decided to shoot in Los Angeles or New York, but 9/11 took place and we couldn’t do that either.

-You're also known as a speed lover and possess a great collection of sport cars. Do you keep up with F1?

- Yes, I do when I can.

-So you know of Fernando Alonso and his latest victories?

- Of course. I am aware of his evolution and his latest triumphs, but I must confess that I am more into Ferrari and a Michael Shumacher fan.

- Hats are your esthetic reference. You don't seem to mind spending a lot of money to get one. How many do you have?

-Well currently my collection goes over 150! I think they're wicked.

Jamiroquai, o lo que es lo mismo, Jay Kay
Jamiroquai, or Jay Kay to that effect

I don´t think this: jay is jay and jamiroquai is all the band (is my opinion)

agree with lola.... omg 150 hats!!

it's good interview'cos questions full dedicaded to group,to them music,not only Jay's life!i'm interested question about gigs in da clubs,i mean if JMQ drived to Moscow than they been perform in club...

i like jay kay a lot, but i think that guy is a bit obssesed by hats! lol

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