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Added on Monday 25 July 2005, 22:18 (BST)
Europa Press has reported on Jamiroquai's concert at the Ciutadella de Roses in Girona (Spain) that was held on Sunday night.  Jamiroquai entertained the crowd of over 5,000 people with a two hour set.
Credit: Lola Caballero

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I really enjoyed myself alot in the concert. It was great. However, I would have liked to hear a few more songs from the new album since I had nearly learnt them by heart for the presentation of Dynamite in Roses. I could manage to be at the front row so it was extremely exciting to be able to see the band's faces. You get much more involved in the gig when you are up there. Jay was very friendly. He even asked a guy who had written a piece of paper asking for "Mr. Moon " to go up on stage when they sang that song for him. Most of the audience were quite young so my husband and I -who are in our late thirties- couldn´t believe we were in our element that night!. Hope Jamiroquai won't take too long to come over Barcelona again. Jay Kay must be quite a prefectionist: He seemed to be annoyed about the sound (loudspeakers)-But don`t worry Jay the audience LOVED every sigle tune! Indeed, we all were as he said to the Mr.Moon guy, VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Hope it won't take you too long to come to Barcelona.

Anna, thank you very much for your "review" of the concert. It sounds like you had a great time.

Hola, I am the man of the paper mr.moon! It was fantastic, still I do not believe myself what I spend! Good concert, mas of two hours of funk powerful, hurts of the sound ... it was not very good.
Anyhow it was a great concert, and I touch my favorite song ... mr.moon!!!

Is there somebody who knows tracklist from this concert?

Congratulations pep you are a great Mr Moon...

Someone told me the following setlist. I'll add it to the "live" page soon! Here it is (thanks to Enrico do Basso):

Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, High Times, Mr. Moon, Dynamite, Feels Just Like It Should, Use The Force, Butterfly, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Seven Days In Sunny June, Alright, Deeper Underground,

hi dynamite people. I was also there in Roses with my sister. we had a great great time, dancing and singing all night long. It was fantastic. It would have been great, though, to listen to some more songs from the new album, I spent a lot of time studying them for the concert! I bought one of those beautiful pink T-shirts and a bag, and I still cannot put them off!
Pep, nen, quina sort vas tenir, quina enveja!
Please, come back to Catalonia soon.

Me and my boyfriend had a terrific time in Roses. Jay is a genius, and such a good public relations.WHAT a SMILE!!!!The band was graet but not the sound. We were sorry that they just played 3 new songs...we don't like the new single "7days in sunny june " so much. We were willing to hear electric mistress or don't give hate a chance, hopefully next time!! Gracias Jamiroquai!!

Despite the fact that the sound wasn't perfect at all (I think that Jay noticed it because he threw away a speaker!!!) we enjoyed a lot the concert. Jay and the band did as they always do: in a funky-groovy way!!! We are looking forward to seeing him coming back to Catalonia; I hope he will come to Barcelona next time!!!
Best wishes for all da jamiro people!!!
Pep, collons, quina sort que vas tenir nano!!!!. A nosaltres, no ens va fer cas amb els crits que vam fer de "Electric Mistress"!!!!
Please Jay, the next time you come to Catalonia, say also "moltes gràcies" (we speak spanish and catalan here!!!) thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanxs!!!!

yeaaaaaah!!! it was amaaaaaaaaizing!!! i was there too!!! in front of him!!! i want to see them again!!!and yes!come to barcelona next time!!and very soon!!!i can't wait to see you again...
Mr.Moon ets l'amo!li podies haver dit a l'orella k tokés akestes cançons k demanavem!:P
yeaaaah! i need them again cause i have jamirofever!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! My name is Gemma and I’m 26 years old. I traveled from south to north of Catalunya (I’m from Tarragona), to see the unic Jamiroquai concert here. After 2 hours waiting I achived it: I was at the first row! After that, we had to wait 3’30 hours to see Jamiroquai. I was thinking I couldn’t stand my exhausted body because the night before I was at a town festival and I slept 4 hours, but when Jamiroquai apeared and started his show, my adrenaline was shut up and I didn’t stop to smile, dance, jump and sing during all the concert. Every time Jay Kay was dancing or doing one of his spectacular jumps, I was shouting of happiness. The feeling of Jay Kay with the public was very good, and the 2 hours of concert... I can’t believe it passed too fast! the time flied so fast!
It’s a waste that they had a lot of sound problems inside the stage. I can’t believe how can happen this to a first line artist.

Please Jamiroquai don’t wait a long time to come back here in Catalunya, I wish to see you soon because I need to listen your live music and see Jay Kay singing, dancing, jumping, smiling, sweating, ...

Your concert will be in my mind and in my heart forever!!

hei! just wanna say that the concert in Roses was great. Despite the sound was a bit distorsioned sometimes, the view was stunning, wasn't it jay? i have to comment that, even if i expected to hear more songs from Dynamite, i had great time with songs from the 1st and 2nd album (they are my favourites of all six, the most natural ones.) well, hope u all come back soon, take care of ur knee J, and always keep ur pocket full of rainbows!!

Hey guys...
I´m brazilian but i´m enjoying my vacations here in Barcelona.I´m toooo lucky to have these oportunity of being in BCN and see the Jam show in Roses (what a beautiful place). The show was realy great! I hope Jamiroquai plays in Brazil like some sites are saying...

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