Tour diary update

Added on Saturday 23 July 2005, 18:46 (UTC)

Rob Harris has added a new entry to the Jamiroquai tour diary.  Amongst talking about the recent gigs and how they are having a well deserved day off, he writes..

"...last night we played Les Arenes in Nimes.  It was quite a special gig last night, in another amphitheatre.  I love playing amphitheatres.  The audience were soooo loud.  When we came back on for the encore we had to walk down a tunnel to get back to the rear of the stage and you can see and hear the 12,000 people roaring and cheering.  Very overwhelming."

Rob also asks that if anyone has any photos of the band at the Rome gig when they came on stage wearing horse racing "jockey shirts", could you please email them to me.

Please visit for the full story...

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