Making Dynamite

Added on Wednesday 20 July 2005, 22:02 (UTC)

Digidesign, a company that makes digital audio tools for musicians has just published an in-depth article and interview with Mike Spencer, the producer of Dynamite.

The article talks about how Dynamite evolved, and how Digidesign tools were used to make the album sound so great...

"...At this point, an understanding of the song writing process is essential. Jamiroquai's songs (although more structured on this record than the days of 'Emergency…') are clearly the result of a real band jamming real music, and the structure comes at a later stage. 'Jay doesn't work within the confines of a conventional song structure', Mike confirms, 'and at this point were the songs over six minutes long including whole sections which wouldn't make the final record. When we were confident that the grooves were basically OK, the songs were given a working mix, broken down into stems and then recorded back into Pro Tools. That way we could re-build all the songs in Los Angeles on sixteen tracks and record all the strings and brass out there.' Which is exactly what he did."

The complete article can be found at the website.

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