Pula Concert Setlist

Added on Sunday 26 June 2005, 12:03 (UTC)
Pula setlist

Here is the setlist from the concert at the Pula Arena in Croatia from Saturday 25 June:

  1. Intro
  2. Canned Heat
  3. Space Cowboy
  4. Cosmic Girl
  5. Revolution 1993
  6. Little L
  7. Too Young To Die
  8. Corner Of The Earth
  9. Music Of The Mind
  10. Feels Just Like It Should
  11. Love Foolosophy
  12. High Times
  13. Butterfly
  14. Use the Force
  15. Seven Days In Sunny June
  16. Black Devil Car
  17. Alright
  18. Virtual Insanity
  19. Deeper Underground

Comparing this to the setlist from Budapest a few days ago, Dynamite and Emergency On Planet Earth were not played, but were replaced by High Times, Butterfly, Use The Force and Virtual Insanity.

For information, the "Intro" song is Electric Mistress playing right off the CD for the final minute while the band members took their places on stage.  Jay then came on and the show started immeadiately with Canned Heat.  Music of The Mind was followed by a percussion/drum break, which was also written on the "playlist" the band have taped to the floor.  The printed setlist included the tracks that were not played (EOPE and D) and not the four tracks that replaced them.

The band really have been rehearsing a large selection of tracks from across the complete back-catalogue for this tour, and if you get a chance to see the band this year you certainly won't be disapointed.  Jamiroquai now have a few days rest before the B-Live concert in London next Sunday.

Credit: Valic Marijan and Blaz Kavcic

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