London Evening Standard Interview

Added on Friday 24 June 2005, 16:54 (UTC)
London Evening Standard magazine - Friday 24 June 2005

Jay is on the cover of Friday's London Evening Standard magazine "ES", together with a four page interview inside.

In the interview Jay talks about how he kicked his drug addiction, what is was like growing up on the road, and what type of girl he would like to meet.

Talking about the band, the article says:

 "He [Jay] is in charge.  'Oh, yes' he confirms. 'Jamiroquai is my stage name contractually and obviously I know the sort of direction I want to go in.  I'm not going to relinquish control of this - it's here because it's got a boss.  Obviously we have our ups and downs but generally I think we are a well-constructed, well-glued little unit.  If someone new comes into the band, the guys will tell them that this is the way it goes.'"

Credit: Sarah McCormick

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