Drummer magazine interviews Derrick

Added on Thursday 02 June 2005, 22:16 (UTC)
Drummer magazine (UK) - June 2005

Derrick McKenzie is on the front cover of the June 2005 issue of Drummer magazine (UK), and inside there is a six page article together with photos.  Whilst talking about the recording of Dynamite he reveals that in the track Seven Days there are parts where both a drum machine and he are playing at the same time...

"...Then towards the end of the song, it sounds only like me playing, but it's the drum machine and me.  That was fun for me, but it shows the talent of Mike [Spencer], who was able to make them work together."

At the end of the article, Derrick talks exclusively about his plans for the stage clothes that he will wear as he doesn't want to wear shorts again during this tour.  I will only say that in the article Derrick says that he now knows where in Scotland the name MacKenzie derives from, and that he has plans to wear something based on traditional Scottish clothing!

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