Scotland on Sunday interview

Added on Sunday 29 May 2005, 09:52 (UTC)

Today's issue of Scotland on Sunday newspaper has printed an interview with Jay in which he talks about coming clean from his drug addiction, and how taking the band to Costa Rica to get the inspiration to write new material...

An epiphany of sorts occurred as he sat on his balcony one daybreak, wired with cocaine and drinking from a bottle of brown tequila that tasted as hot as fresh tea, having stood for days in the fierce sun. "It took a long time for reality to hit me, but when it finally did so, it was like a train. Whereas, years before, there would have been loads of others up all night alongside me, now I was the only one. And I’ve seen enough examples in the music business to be able to imagine where that might eventually lead, if it didn’t kill me first. Over time your voice goes, your ticker goes, your money and your career go, and there you are, some sleazy guy in your mid-50s, still kidding yourself that you’re the business, still trying to pull the young girls..."

The interview is by Alan Jackson, who was responsible for the interview which was published in last weeks' Times Magazine.  Some parts of the interview and new, and some are re-used from before.

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