Feels Just Like It Should track listings

Added on Friday 20 May 2005, 18:33 (BST)
The official site has confirmed the track listings for the Feels Just Like It Should single release.  In addition to remixes by Timo Maas and Mark Ronson, CD1 will contain the Knee Deep remix of Feel So Good, which originally appeared on a vinyl 12" promo in September 2002. Interestingly there still looks to be some confusion over the name of this track - on A Funk Odyssey it was called "Feel So Good", but Sony UK now calls it "Feels So Good".  Has the track changed its name since A Funk Odyssey was released? Ex-Jamiroquai keyboard player Toby Smith was co-writer of Feel So Good, so it looks like he'll still be making some money from this new single, even though he left Jamiroquai in April 2002...

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