BBC Radio 1 Summary - Part Two

Added on Monday 09 May 2005, 23:09 (UTC)

BBC Radio 1 have been keeping busy updating us with news and audio from Jamiroquai's performance at the BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend event.  They've now broadcast a total of six tracks from the event (Feels Just Like It Should was broadcast earlier on Monday).  From a news point of view, on the their website they wrote the following:

Jamiroquai played an excellent set although he did keep hitching his trousers up.

He admitted after he came off stage that the audience nearly got more than they bargained for:

"My trousers nearly fell down four times, which I was getting really annoyed about, especially when they started falling down during 'Deeper Underground'.

"It's all very well telling people to jump but if I'd have jumped too high I would have ended up in my underpants with my trousers round my ankles."

"I suppose it would have been quite amusing but I'm not really up for flashing my todger at 20,000 people these days."

In addition to this, Jay was also reported by BBC Radio 1 to have laryngitis - which is "characterized by hoarseness or loss of voice and coughing."

For those looking for the downloads, I'm going to be putting up MP3's hopefully every day for the next few days onto the downloads page of this site.

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