Jay interviewed on BBC Radio 1

Added on Friday 06 May 2005, 11:46 (UTC)

Jay was interviewed this morning on the Jo Whiley show on BBC Radio 1.  Here's a summary of the interview...

He turned up in his black Rolls Royce car, and yesterday they did a sound check for Top Of The Pops - where he saw Liam from Oasis who gave his complements about the single.

Confirming what's been written in magazine articles lately Jay has been clean from drugs for a year and a half.

Dynamite was written in Costa Rica, and was recorded live but "chopped up" with lots of layering and plug-ins.  Jamiroquai hadn't recorded in the US before Dynamite and when asked about recording some of the album in Los Angeles he said it was "different".

Talking about this weekends performance for BBC Radio 1 in Sunderland, the band are going to start with Revolution 1993, followed by Virtual Insanity, Space Cowboy, Little L and then Feels Just Like It Should.  They don't plan on playing any other new tracks from Dynamite.

Jay spoke a little about the video shoot for Feels Just Like It Should, and also spoke a little about his love life.

Please come back later today (Friday) for a full audio download of the interview.

Credit: Jake Moore

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