It's going to be a Dynamite summer

Added on Wednesday 04 May 2005, 22:47 (UTC)

Well, I've now heard the full album and have to say that I really think it is great.  Regular visitors to this site and some of the other sites and forums out there will probably have heard three full tracks from the album by now (Feels Just Like It Should, Seven Days, and Electric Mistress) - and I can now say that the rest of the album lives up to the promise and the expectation after all of this waiting. 

Jamiroquai are back - the tracks have funk, soul, boogie and disco all in one great package and I really see this being one of the big albums of 2005 (damn you Coldplay ;) I can't wait to go out on 20 June and buy a copy of this album, and I really hope you all do too.

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