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Added on Monday 18 April 2005, 20:49 (BST)
During the interview with Jay on BBC Radio 1 on Monday morning he said that rehearsals are starting tomorrow (19 April) and that they were planning to play Too Young To Die and Virtual Insanity on the upcoming tour. Talking about Dynamite and how it sounds, Jay said - "My new sound, well we've, it's a bit difficult you know, you get through six albums and old fans want your old stuff, the new ones want something different and we had to go in a bit of a direction so we got a producer on board this time, and chucked it all in really, you know we played it live, stuck it in the pro-tools, twiddled around a bit, we used the technology more than we've done before....and we've ended up with this thing - this thing, 'Dynamite'". For a full length audio recording of the interview and a transcript (thanks to Janice Parsons for all the typing) please head over to the downloads page.

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