Update from Derrick McKenzie

Added on Wednesday 30 March 2005, 19:31 (BST)
I've just had a chat with Derrick McKenzie and he's asked me to put a couple of things on this site for the fans to read. Firstly it has to be a big thank you to those who wished him a happy (41st) birthday for Sunday - he's looking forward to meeting up with some of his friends from the tours over the coming months. He's also asked me to clear up a bit of confusion about his recent work with French artist Francis Lalanne. The album was recorded when there was some downtime with Jamiroquai and this did not impact on any delays with the release of Dynamite. In his own words - "I have been with this band for 11 years and would like to stay on forever as this is the roots and the inspiration for my music and I also get to meet great musicians such as Francis Lalanne and the people that work around him. But thanks to all the fans for enduring the delay in this album by Jamiroquai and I hope you enjoy it to the max!"

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