Update from Derrick McKenzie

Added on Sunday 17 October 2004, 17:50 (BST)
I've just had an update from Derrick McKenzie on all things Jamiroquai. Firstly Derrick would like to apologise to all the fans who have been loyal to the band over the years for the little contact and updates on what the band have been up to since the last concert dates over a year ago. The new album is currently being mixed, and for reasons beyond the control of the band, it is now due for release in March/April 2005 (release dates are always subject to change but this is the current plan). In addition to the changes within the band (i.e., Nick leaving), Jamiroquai spent a long time and have gone "back to our roots and kept the majority of the album live and kicking". This will no doubt certainly excite a lot of people reading this. The album is being produced by Mike Spencer, who has worked with artists including Kylie and Beverley Knight, and "he has managed to make the band sound flipping brilliant." Derrick also said "when it comes to production he is an absolute genius and deserves a lot of credit for what he has done with the sound and our performances on the album."

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