The Funkin Site - Eight Years Old

Added on Tuesday 13 July 2004, 18:50 (BST)
13 July 2004 means one thing - its yet another birthday for the Funkin site - eight years of being online. I remember back in 1996 when I decided to put together a couple of web pages with information about my favourite band. Like a snowball effect the site got bigger and bigger and as long term visitors will no doubt be aware the level of content has settled down a little over recent years. My main priority is to keeping the news page up to date, so if you regularly visit this part of the site, then you're in the right place. The other areas of the site - for example, the discography, music videos, tourdates and FAQ sections, I try to keep as current as possible, and the rest of the site follows this. I do have plans to streamline the site at some point in the future (although I have been planning this for a good year or so now!), so expect a few pages to go, and a few new ones to appear. Of course, this site wouldn't be possible without you, the fans - the people who contribute news and information that makes it onto these pages. Looking back, in November 1996 there were eight people on the thank you page of the site, and now there are over 450. I therefore give a huge amount of thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site over the years - and especially to all of you who've become really good friends over the years. We're on the verge of another studio album by the band and no doubt another busy tour so hopefully I'll catch up with some of you out on the road in a few months time. I could go on for hours here but I'll save you the torture! Thank you and see you next year :)

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