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Added on Wednesday 19 May 2004, 09:10 (BST)
On BBC2 (UK) on 22 May at 19:40, Jay is featured in the first of a new series about how celebrities are enjoying wealth, influence and fame, gained from hard work rather than being born into riches. The programme features Jay, who complains of being "hunted" by the paparzzi. "Drugs are an easy refuge - as they were for the aristocracy long before the era of celebrity dawned. If you look at all of the greatest musicians in the world, they have all done drugs and you have to ask yourself, why that is. If you gave yourself the adrenaline shot you get from being onstage it would probably kill you. And then you have to come offstage and sit down. A few years ago, it was definitely getting too much for me".
Credit: Janice Parsons

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