More information about Rob's involvement in the Pnau album

Added on Sunday 02 November 2003
Here is some more information about Rob's involvement in the newly released album by Australian group Pnau. His work can be heard on the trak called "Enuffs Enuff" and here's a quote from one of the band members about how the track came about - "I decided to listen to all of the versions we'd done and talked to everyone about it and decided to make a mix that brought all of the best elements of all the mixes and we ended up taking the new beat that we made and the guitar part that Rob Harris from Jamiroquai did which we were going to make into a separate track, just as a little interlude, but then we decided to put it back in there cause it worked really well, and it ended up turning out really well in the end and falling into place nicely, it was just hard to nail the right version."
Credit: Andrew Moulton

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