Jamiroquai grooves with EyeToy

Added on Friday 03 October 2003
EyeToy, one of the best-sellers for the PlayStation 2 this year is about to release a new edition. EyeToy: Groove is the second release for Sony's EyeToy camera and is due for European release in November. Concentrating on dancing, the track listing for the product contains two Jamiroquai tracks - Deeper Underground and Canned Heat. For those new to EyeToy, here's a brief description from the web site - "The EyeToy is a WebCam-type thing that comes with a collection of 12 mini-games called EyeToy: Play. It sits on top of, or beneath, your TV and once turned on it projects a live image of your room and whoever is standing around in it onto one of the aforementioned 12 games. But that's not the half of it. Once the chosen player has positioned themselves onscreen and the selected game has begun, what's happening on-screen is controlled by their body movements--the joypad isn't involved at all."
Credit: Meike Melansek at Jamirotalk

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