Official Statement Regarding Majorca Concert

Added on Tuesday 15 July 2003
There has been some recent debate and comment on the official website surrounding Jamiroquai's choice of venue for the forthcoming concert at the Bullfighting ring in Majorca. The official site has just made an official statement regarding the venue - "Jamiroquai were totally unaware of the fact that the show in Majorca was to be staged in a bullring. The band were alerted to this fact by messages posted on this website. This situation now leaves the band in the difficult situation whereby if the concert is cancelled many fans will be disappointed. Jamiroquai are very excited to be able to bring their show to somewhere like Majorca, where not many major international acts have performed. Plaza de Toros is the only venue of a suitable size on the island of Majorca where the show can be suitably staged. Jamiroquai performing at this venue is in NO WAY an endorsement of Bull fighting. Jay Kay would like to make it very clear that he is strongly opposed to Bull fighting."
Credit: Janice Parsons

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