Bass Transcriptions book update

Added on Sunday 30 March 2003
Regular visitors will know that there are plans for a Jamiroquai Bass Transcription book in the pipeline courtesy of Simon Merrick at Bassmaster. Plans for the book have changed slightly and it will now be a collection of the most voted/requested for tracks from the five Jamiroquai albums. So, e-mail Simon with a list of the tracks you would most like to see in the book, say maybe 10-15, in order of what you most want to see transcribed. After collecting all the results from your e-mails he will list the transcriptions which have been voted for most and which will appear in the 1st book. Remember there are 5 albums worth of tracks to choose from, so you don't just have to go for Stuart Zender b-lines, and there could be more books to come after this one! Your decisions could be the difference between one track making it or not, so get your votes in now!

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