We're six years old!

Added on Saturday 13 July 2002
Happy Sixth Birthday! I am really excited to say that as of 13 July, this site is now six, yes six, years old. Those of you who've been visiting the site for a over a year will have seen my annual messages where I go on and on about the past year - well, this is going to be no exception! The past year has been really exciting with all kinds of things happening with Jamiroquai - A Funk Odyssey was released, Wallis and DJ D-Zire disappeared out of sight, and completely out of the blue, Toby left the band on the eve of the 2002 European tour - which was handled by the speedy hiring of Matt Johnson as his replacement. In May of this year the band also played a "Homecoming" gig in their spiritual home of Ealing, West London, where they treated the lucky audience of 300 to tracks including Too Young To Die and When You Gonna Learn. Just over a year ago we also got to see a new re-launch of the official Jamiroquai web site. Unfortunately many of the original promises of the site being kept up to date with the latest news haven't quite materialised which is a real shame - I mean, the new Australian tour dates which were announced almost a month ago still haven't made it onto the site, and do we know who Toby's replacement is yet? Well, that was Jamiroquai, so what about Funkin? Over the past year I've also put lots (and I mean lots!) of video clips on the site for download - which from the emails I've received have been greatly appreciated - especially the Carling Homecoming ones. The news items and updates have been flowing in as fast as (and if not faster than) ever before, so thanks to everyone who has contributed news and content to the site. The site wouldn't be as successful and popular as it is today without you. I think my Jamiroquai highlight of the year has to be the buzz I got from the band's tour of Australia at the start of 2002. Although I was over 9,000 miles away (that's 14,500km) in London, I was honoured to be interviewed on a three hour JJJ radio Jamiroquai special, broadcast across Australia - especially when I found out that Jay and the band listened to my interview (and enjoyed it!). I am also eternally grateful to Martin Taylor who recorded Jay publicly talking about me to the audience at the concert in Perth the following night! Jay's also thanked me personally face-to-face and I have the pair of JK Adidas Oregons worn on stage in Glasgow that evening to show for it! Finally before I go on even more (if that is at all possible), I would like to thank my fantastic wife Sharon, who over the past six years, and this year more than ever before, has had to put up with me spending far too much time on my computer - and not with her - whilst I make sure this site is kept as up to date as you've come to expect. So, that's all for now. Same time next year, OK?

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