Festimad press conference video

Added on Monday 27 May 2002
The Festimad website has put on-line a 14 minute video of the Jamiroquai press conference (Windows Media Player format) from this past weekends festival. Topics discussed include the evolution of the bands' music over the years and the prospect of a live album -- Sony are not keen on releasing a Jamiroquai live album (as part of the three albums remaining in the contract), which Jay believes is what the fans want. Jay says, "If we record a live album, then we must have one of those albums taken off the contract. I'm not prepared to give Sony a live album, from a live band like us, with twelve years of experience, and just let them have it." They also talk about filming videos in Ibiza, why they've not played a gig in Madrid until now, and (suprise suprise) Stevie Wonder!
Credit: Iñaki Aldekoa

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