Australia again!!!

Added on Monday 04 February 2002
Jay and Andrew Moulton, 3 February 2002
Well, the Australian tour is nearing its end and the non-stop party just doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping! At the concert in Melbourne on Sunday night, before the band played their traditional encore of Alright, Jay invited up on stage and introduced the crowd to Andrew Moulton (who's a regular contributor here and on Jamline, and was also interviewed on the recent JJJ radio special) as he's been following this Australian tour in a huge way. Andrew was invited to boogie with Jay on-stage for the encore. To read all about the fun these guys have been having, make sure you sign up to Jamline. After the show they headed off to the after party where other site contributor Craig Simons kept taking photos!
Credit: Craig Simons and Andrew Moulton

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