Superfresh is the next single

Added on Friday 23 June 2017, 21:02 (BST)

The Jamiroquai Facebook page today posted a teaser video clip for the next single - this has now been confirmed to be 'Superfresh'.  A video has been created and it is available on the Universal Music website in Germany - but doesn't seem to work reliably!  If it doesn't work keep refreshing the page until it does work, or wait a day or two and then I'm sure a working link/video will appear on YouTube. 

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: The video was taken down the following day and on Monday 26th June an announcement was made that the video would have it's world premiere (apart from to those who have already seen it!) on Thursday 29th June.

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Well this is quite disappointing. Old clips from the Automaton video, plus an unknown woman in Jays new hat. A symptom of his illness? A great song, but a poor video. This album is the best since Synchronized and a shame he's been suffering as I was looking forward to the O2 gigs. Get well soon Jay.

I can only assume they didn't want jay to dance like that in his condition.

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