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Jay adds a LaFerrari to his collection

According to a few different car related news sources over the past week or two it looks like Jay has bought himself a bright green Ferrari LaFerrari car to add to the collection.  Have a look at carbuzz.com or thesupercarkids.com amongst others to see some photos.

UPDATE (30 June): Jay gave his new car a proper outing at the famous 'Goodwood Festival of Speed' at the end of June and some more photos can be seen at motorward.com.

Credit: Robert Wensink

1992 Jamiroquai gig video on YouTube

Here's an real treat for fans of the band looking for early recordings - a video of over half an hour from a gig 1992 (yes, 22 years ago!) has been uploaded onto YouTube.  The gig was recorded at the Jazz Cafe in Camden Town, London and shows some very recordings of songs we know (Too Young To Die, When You Gonna Learn) and some we don't know.

The video was originally uploaded with some audio sync issues but has been fixed by Zsolt Harvath.  Here's the video description from YouTube...

This has to be the earliest video recording of Jamiroquai with Simon Bartholomew on guitar, Nick Tydeman on bass and PJ Harvey on percussions, before Gavin Dodds, Stu Zender and Maurizio Ravallico would have joined, Nick Van Gelder, Toby Smith and Wallis are already on board. Setlist:

1. Sunshine
2. Togetherland
3. Too Young To Die
4. Jazz Carnival (Azymuth cover)
5. When You Gonna Learn

Once again, here's the link to Jamiroquai in concert at the Jazz Cafe in 1992.

Credit: Brent Armstrong

Jamiroquai to headline Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro
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Jamiroquai have been announced as headline act on the first night of the three day Sea Dance Festival being held between 15 and 17 July on Jaz Beach, near Budva in Montenegro.

Tickets and further information can be found at www.seadancefestival.me.

Credit: Janluka

Jamiroquai announced for SummerDays Festival in Switzerland

The website of the Summerdays Festival in Switzerland have announced that Jamiroquai will be performing at the event on Saturday 30 August 2014.

Credit: Melanie Schumacher, Giovanni Celotto

Jamiroquai announce summer festival date in Moscow, Russia

Jamiroquai.com have announced that the band will be performing at the Afisha Picnic festival in Moscow, Russia on 19 July.  More information can be found at the official event website at picnic.afisha.ru.

Critical Mass with Sola Akingbola

OK, I'm going to go back on what I said in the last news item about not really posting news about other bandmember projects - here's an exception as we rarely hear about percussionist Sola Akingbola.

The starafrica.com website has an interview and article (including a short 'teaser' video) for a track that Sola is releasing on 3 March as part of a new live project call Critical Mass.  Have a look at the StarAfrica website to read the interview and to watch the video.

OK, but what about keyboard player Matt Johnson... well, he's been working closely with newly signed artist Laura Doggett.

Oh now there is no sound...

OK, things are quiet in the world of Jamiroquai (well, at least they seem to be!).  The band performed quite a few gigs in 2013 but there were no albums, no 'proper' tours etc. so there wasn't much in the news.

For those wondering, this site is still here and I'm trying to focus more on news which is more directly relevant to Jamiroquai rather than the band members other projects (you do know about Shuffler though right?).

Anyway, while things seem to be quiet in the world of Jamiroquai here's a link to a video that was doing the rounds a few days ago.  It's a parody of the Virtual Insanity video without any music.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRqCVcSWbDc

Anyway, enjoy the video, and keep on funkin'

Credit: Rachel VanDemmeltraadt

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