Jamiroquai are back on the live stage - Paris setlist

Added on Tuesday 28 March 2017, 22:07 (BST)

On Tuesday evening (28 March) Jamiroquai performed their first 'proper' concert since 2014.  The band performed at Salle Pleyel in Paris, France and the following is the (hopefully very accurate!) set list from the evening:

  • Shake it on
  • Little L
  • Automaton
  • The Kids
  • Dr. Buzz
  • Space Cowboy
  • Superfresh
  • White Knuckle Ride
  • Cosmic Girl
  • Corner of the Earth
  • Mr Moon
  • Cloud 9
  • Something About You
  • Emergency On Planet Earth (remix)
  • Runaway
  • Hot Property
  • Carla
  • Revolution 1993 / Canned Heat
  • Love Foolosophy
  • Supersonic (encore)

With the new album not yet released (or leaked online) and the only album tracks officially heard being Automaton, Cloud 9, Superfresh and We Can Do It, it must have been good for the band to play some new music to a fresh audience.  The band now travel back to England to perform at the Roundhouse in London on Friday night.

If you were in Paris then please feel free to tell us your thoughts about the concert using the comment facility.

Credit: Francois Wiart

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Fantastic, super, gorgeous 😍😍😍😍

Excellent and GROOVY !!!

Here is a picture of the official playlist

And there is also a video of space cowboy on youtube

It was very cool, the new album sounds great ... we'll return in november to the accor hotel Arena in Paris :)

Just some random thoughts...
- this was really a great gig, and you could see the whole band was glad to be back and finally playing that album!
- Jay keeps his very bad habit of not introducing his musicians
- There was the extra keyboard/guitar player, plus another guy for samplers/special effects
- Jay has a ring that actually is a remote for the hat. Seems like there are various 'modes' and he can switch from one to the other (like Xmas tree lamps!). He kept checking on Derrick's plexiglass wall which mode the hat was on!

That set list looks fantastic ... I was one of those that requested Mr Moon.

This would make a beast of a Live Album ... on Vinyl.

Here's a review of the concert from GQ magazine. It also says that after the gig Jay flew himself home in his helicopter!


Awesome setlist! Great to see new tracks, new renditions of old favourites and the return of Emergency, Mr Moon and Supersonic amongst others! EOPE in particular was an interesting mix. Lots of surprises from what I've heard and seen, Superfresh sounded much better live and Supersonic makes a great encore!

It was a FANTASTIC show!! Guys are in great shape. The new stuff sounds perfectly, can't wait for the album (less than 2 days :)) Now I have to wait until November to see them again in Paris.

Listen3d to the album noww my fav album by far from everything they ve released!!!

Great album

The album is incredible. Really well crafted. I've ordered it in two formats so I didn't mind having a listen today. It might be the hype but I think this my favorite album overall . It has the best balance of experimentation and expectation. Its amazing to here them references all of the albums in this one ( I thought of "The Kids" immediately while hearing Dr.Buzz but much more funky of course). I'm just stunned it this good.

I agree that the album is way better than both RSDL and Dynamite. "Vitamin" is a nice track and sounds like it's from Synkronized, which is a great thing.

But my overall impression is that the album is overproduced, and some of the synths even sound out of sync and tune on some tracks. Less is more. I also think most of the songs tend to have some great parts, while other parts sound out of place. The songwriting could have been better. Still, this is definitely the best album from the "new" Jamiroquai.

I gave a listening yesterday to the album...very, very skeptical. The songwriting is very far even from RDLS...I agree with Fenderrhodes, but IMHO this could not be the best album of "new" seems a musical exercise (not at his best) from M.Johnson, but not for this is has to be considered as a Jamiroquai's album..

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