Something About You - today's BBC Radio 2 exclusive album track

Added on Thursday 30 March 2017, 12:24 (BST)

After playing Cloud 9 on Wednesday BBC Radio 2 played 'Something About You' this morning - another exclusive track from Automaton played this week. A sample is available to listen to on the BBC Music website and the whole track can be heard in the archive of todays Ken Bruce show (1 hour 57 minutes and 39 seconds).

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5th time lucky? I await the slating.

Great track!

5th time lucky? I await the slating.

Just had a listen, something very familiar, another average/good track. I think Jamiroquai need a supersonic disco/dance turbo charge from Daftpunk, what do you guys think?

This track is just awesome. The groove is here, the production is amazing...

One thing is just disappointing me, it's the absence of horns...
Maybe we will have some horns in summer girl, dr buzz or vitamin.. Let's see ! But "something about you" is for me the best track that I've heard yet.

I love this, especially the end part of the song, so funky. Couldn't help but hear a leak of 'Shake it on' on Twitter, just WOW. Really think this could be a special album, can't wait for tomorrow

Sounds like a funky 80's tune transplanted to the present. Great song all the way through. That outro is just amazing, "Something abooooout youuuuu..." This is going to get plenty of listens from me.

This song represents an accumulation of elements that begets my distilled thoughts on their sound with respect to feel/composition/performance/production, as a longtime fan from way back, and now more of an observer:

Jamiroquai 1993-1999 = warm

Jamiroquai 2001 = lukewarm (production starting to really slicken up by way of digital processing)

Jamiroquai 2005 - present = cold (but still a great group)

I respect any group for evolving their sound, and would argue that it's crucial. However, I don't think they've really done that beyond tweaking the production and thus narrowing the scope of the musical material. I believe this song is a perfect example of that, even with an interesting outro. I miss the days when they expanded musically and took more creative chances. I think that's what endears a group to their hardcore fans. That's why something is always missing for me in current Jamiroquai output. In my opinion, he doesn't need to remain relevant, and he doesn't need to compete with anybody, so I wish he would let the guard down and expand musically....throw in some instrumentals, get the horns back! They were 'retro' when they came out, and now they could afford to be retro on their own retro, which is a weird concept! Still love them though - long live Jamiroquai!

absolutely agree with Jack, It's like to see a mature man dressing and acting like a teenager...the risk is to appear ridicolous...

As with every artist of merit that's been around for awhile, there will inevitably come changes as time passes by. With Jamiroquai, that change is represented most prominently in the shift away from the more organic production and exploratory songwriting+lyrics to a more concise mainstream approach with more electronic elements. The most pertinent question is, has the quality of the actual songwriting changed? I think it has somewhat. It's different from EOPE, ROTSC and TWM. The trademark JQ acid-jazz-funk sound has undergone significant changes, but it's not so far removed that you cannot listen and instantly recognize it. Perhaps the biggest change is with the band members, which serves as evidence to the degree of influence the original members had. Now it's Jay+Matt serving as the core songwriter tag team.

I can only say this. The majority of other artists out there are lucky if they can write just a few good songs throughout their careers. Practically all of the veteran artists subsist on seemingly endless tours, while putting out maybe a couple of lackluster new albums. Jamiroquai, despite all the changes, still manages to produce some great tracks. At the end of the day, even if you only end up liking a few cuts from Automaton, well, that's much better than the alternative.

My yardstick staff is still the old, usual and effective "if it intrigues you and you have kept something of the first minute of a song, that's ok" ... few songs on this album have caused me such a thrill...

I'd take that. Enjoy the album.

When old fans criticise Jamiroquai's last four albums, including Automaton, they always get the same sort of reply:

“1993 is over!”, “Acid jazz is dead!”, “Their sound has to evolve! Get over it!” and so on.

Well, here's the thing: we, the old fans, couldn't care less about “acid jazz”. It's not even a thing, really. We care about good music. This time, Hot Property and Vitamin are better than some of the material in EOPE or even TROTSC. But it's just two bloody songs out of the whole album. That is our problem: the sheer lack of good songs.

We've put up with an ever-growing number of really bad songs per record since Synkronized (Supersonic), going through AFO (Corner of the Earth, Stop Don't Panic, Black Crow, Twenty Zero One), Dynamite (Love Blind, Talullah, World That He Wants, Black Devil Car, Hot Tequila Brown) and RDLS (all but Hang It Over).

If Jamiroquai decides to release a reggae album, I'm all for it, as long as they write and produce really good songs, like Hot Property and Vitamin, not like the garbage that is most of Automaton.

I really believe having a baby changes you for the better and this album is proof of that thus far. People need to relax and just enjoy the music. Dont take it too serious and compare this to that and that to this. Enjoy the vibes. This is funk. No doubt about it.

I've been a right Negative Nancy so far with regard to this album, but I could tell within 5 seconds of this starting that it was back to the old quality, in my humble opinion, of course. I think this will be sick (to quote the 'yoot') live.

Dr. Buzz...WOW!! Masterpiece indeed. I wish i could meet the people complaining. How can you complain? I really dont get it? Do you even hear the garbage on the radio and tv these days?

ceebee, probably you don't know, and you've never listened to FUNK. Automation (2nd listening tonight..) could be a good album, with electro funk, pop and Daft Punk memories, but...please, funk is based on same, old classics patterns. Rhodes, Moog, groovy bass and guitar. In this album lots of synths (I'm a keyboardist), lots of synth bass, but...please, again, this is not funk.

VITAMIN!!!!!!! THIS IS THE ONE!!!! This is too much to take. I cant believe this. This track just put this album ahead TWM and EOPE for me. Right now its ROTSC, A, EOPE for me. Big album, full of big tunes. Been a fan since '93 been waiting for this album since TWM. Thank you jamiroquai. God bless you all

Luca if you knew me and what I grew up around you wouldnt have the audacity to tell me I dont know FUNK. I'm not gonna get into an keyboard tussle with you because I have better things to do ie jam to this funky jamiroquai album with my wife and son. Good luck to you in your life

...I prefer to make love with my wife. After that, listening to Jamiroquai. Just a "little" difference...

Carla another funky tune. I'm thoroughly impressed with this album. Well done jamiroquai. Masterpiece indeed. Glad I listened to this album in full before i judged it. Now back to the fam jam. Stay funky everyone! You too luca :)

News flash: The 90's came and went. Accept reality. It's not the same band anymore.

I can list off dozens of artists that sound different than when they first began, or that don't write music as well as they used to. So be it. I'm not going to waste my time complaining about it because it wouldn't do no good anyhow. Artists usually have one single point where their creativity peaks. Have Jamiroquai already reached that apex? Probably so. But at least there's still some good music to be enjoyed. Sorry to hear that it doesn't live up to the lofty and unrealistic standards some people have set for it (specifically, that it matches stuff like ROTSC or TWM and do so without Stuart and Toby).

As for myself, I'll enjoy whatever good tracks Automaton brings. Especially considering how awful and forgettable most of the music being produced today is.

@DP, where did you read that Toby wrote the music for the albums and Jay did only the lyrics???
That's really new to me... I always thought Jay was the genius behind TWM....

Luca basta fare lo stronzetto arrogante. Goditi la musica di Jamiroquai, e se non ti piace non fare belittling con gli altri utenti.

Morning all - Jamiroquai Day has arrived.

Vitamin is the best "classic" sound track for 20 years.

I like the newer sound though - as others have said - 1993 was 1993. Plus the band were probably all on hippy enducing magic mushrooms to come up with some of those grooves.

So many people stuck on the platform. Guess what, guys? The train left. You're now the guys that used to like Jamiroquai. Shame, because this is one funky train.

I think all of us can agree upon that this is their best album since AFO.

I think all of us can agree that Luca talks out of his bottom. Great album this. FUNK on.

Hi guys, just wanted to say how great it is to have Jamiroquai back and the album is sounding great.
The old/new sound arguement will always be there and there is no right or wrong so please be respectful to each other. The only thing I'd say is this is the sound Jay wants and the things he wants to sing about at this stage in this life and we should respect that. It's a real privilege to still have him around and wanting to make music after all these years.
Personally I love this new album. To me it sounds fresh and upbeat with a lot of the usual jamiroquai sounds in amongst it all.

A note on arguments of style and using one's personal tastes to draw absolutes: it's utterly futile. No one individual can take away another's emotional response to anything, despite their best efforts in the presentation of comparisons. I was not complaining about modern era Jamiroquai. I simply feel that what I perceive as a colder production style gives way to more constrained musical content that doesn't seem to lend itself well to the types of musical expansion that made Jamiroquai so unique to me 20 years ago, as teenager.

And therein, in my modest opinion, lies the crux of this whole discussion: I have never captured the same emotional response to newly-created music in adulthood the way that I did as a teenager. The first four Jamiroquai albums were revelatory, life-altering opuses for me, and they completely informed my tastes in music, as a kid and as a musician. It was more than a band, it was a lifestyle, if you will. I suspect that the inability to repeat the importance of being attached to the music you fall for as a teen is a common cultural phenomenon, although I wish it weren't the case. Hence the reason I said in my post from yesterday that I am a longtime fan and nowadays more of an observer.

With all that said, there's some nice music to be heard on Automaton, and I hope all the longtime fans can find something in it to enjoy. Much of it certainly beats what is mainstream, but that's kind of a moot point because who needs mainstream at this juncture? There's never been more access to anything than there is now! Long live Jamiroquai!

Yep having heard all Vitamin,summer girl & something about you are definitely the standouts,vitamin in particular has ALL the elements (i.e. HORNS!) to keep us ol Skool jamiroquai fans ( I am one!) happy

Jack, I get your point.

Ultimately no one will ever get back to the same emotional response to new music they experienced when they were young and free, even if the music was perfect. As we grow older we generally get more emotionally retarded. To incite the same rose tinted response, we have to listen to the same music from back then.

I've received insults (behind a keyboard) just because I don't think the same like you, or as you'd prefer, just because I don't follow the mass. A funny guy named me "".... I guess this is an undemocratic attitude, to not use other terms...

Personally I love anything Jamiroquai do but for those who want to hear something different from them, perhaps now's the time to make the sounds/expansions that you want to hear yourself? You are clearly inspired by Jamiroquai and you should run with it. There will undoubtedly be those that say you are trying to copy Jamiroquai but unless you are, don't worry about it! Music fans will be able to tell the difference.

More Jamiroquai gold to add to the previous albums that sound as fresh today as they ever did.

Having been a fan since the beginning, a band needs to evolve and move with the times. 25 years ago since they started, music and technology has evolved and so has the band and the personnel within it. I agree that Toby and Stuart were great as well as NVG, SK and NF but this is what happens. This new album is refreshing and revitalising for the band. The new members are increasing the bands capability to grow and this new album has showcased how talented this band is. Derrick is probably the best drummer of this genre in his arena. Rob is an amazing underrated guitarist and as for saying Paul is a poor bassist, well that's naive. Toby and Stuart are amazing and laid the platform for this band but to see them live is to see a group of the tightest musicians around. Matt has a great vision and amazing production sense , not to mention his ability as a musician and Sola is the glue behind the band. This album, as different to any album they've done is fresh and innovative. Jay believes in a process that moves the sound and the band forwards. He does not stand still. His inspirations are there to hear, but the band of 2017 has improved beyond all doubt. The bass, guitar and drums are amazing and this is the tightest band around. I love them , always have, always will.

I LOVE this album!!

"Shake It On" tops everything on RDSL for me and is that groovy anthem I've been waiting for since "Little L". That alone makes me want to go to the tour!!! "Cloud 9" is the new "You Give Me Something" for me in other words a much needed update of it. "Superfresh" sounds much better in the context of the whole album than a stand-alone track as played on BBC 2. It's not bad at all now to me.

I bet "Something About You" will be the next single. It's a highlight. Different yet standing out so much. The chorus just screams single to me.
"Nights Out In The Jungle" is fantastic too. That BASS.
"Vitamin" is another highlight for sure. It was played today in a store where I bought the album. "We Can Do It" is cute and something different, also much welcome.

All in all more standsouts than RDLS for me and finally they're back to their groove. Definitely a noteworthy comeback to me.

So had a few listens now and this album is really good and I mean really good. If you prefer old style Jamiroquai then go listen to those albums. Songwriting and producing a consistent string of hit records is not easy. I doubt they will ever hit the heights set in previous years, but not many bands do. Saying that Jamirquai are still banging out some cracking tunes. The first 4 tracks are all incredibly catchy, funky and really well produced. You can tell that Jay and his band have put a lot of effort into this album. Some say over produced, but I love the production, its modern, fresh and interesting. Most of these tracks will sound great live, wish I had tickets!

it is not to be nostalgic ... is that many of the "fan" today are teenagers grew up with two chords and a pulsing bass, nothing more ... if you Shake it on makes you vibrate until orgasm ... ok, i will return to listen to She's a fast persuader ... (Shake it on, for the poor ears, it is a copy of Main Vein, one of the least celebrated Jamiro songs ... but what we're talking about ??? )

again...3rd listening...sorry but this seems to be the worst album ever few words, a musical salad with no rhyme or reason as Dynamite ...

Nights Out in the jungle...??? Is the same bassist that invented the fantastic bass pattern as She's a fast persuader? Oh God, neither some kids in the rehearsal room would have invented a song musically so poor ...some effects, one chords, a bum bum bass...and you call it a GREAT SONG?

Sorry to hear that, Luca. I'm not trying to change your opinion and I think you're right about many of the younger music listeners growing up surrounded with lousy music. Though to be fair many of them do grow up and eventually come in contact with good stuff outside of the mainstream.

As a musician myself, I can appreciate all the little sonic details being mixed together on these new JQ tracks. It's not the same organic sound that I used to associate with them and the variety in lyrical subject matter has taken a dive, but it still grooves and there are creative harmonic choices sprinkled throughout. Also, the harmonies by the backup singers add a nice touch. Maybe it could benefit from less effects, such as all the reverb, but again, you have to remember that this is very much a concept album about technology, so there's a uniform sound throughout the production. Not making excuses, just an observation.

No matter what JQ decide to do, fans are going to be divided with the results. Perhaps I'm in the minority but I can accept their music regardless of whether it's organic or electronic, so long as the songwriting lives up to my expectations. I enjoy about half of the tracks from Automaton. The others range between mediocre to lackluster. Vitamin, Something About You, Dr.Buzz, Hot Property, Cloud 9 and Summer Girl are my favorite picks. (I still haven't hear Nice & Spicy.)

Now puh-lease, to bring up "Dynamite" out of all their albums, which feels flat and boring except for 3 amazing tracks (which remain Dynamite, Talullah and Hot Tequila Brown and that's it) compared to this album, which also has less fillers than that commercial pop album. Even RDLS >>>

"Hot Property" seems to be so underrated.

Hot Property reminds me so much of chromeo. Awesome song.
Love the opening track too, great start to the album.

Right listened to it PROPERLY in chronological order, and as one of those grumpy older jamiroquai fans, I gotta say...yes this is their best album since FO and Hot property n Vitamin r probably the FUNKIEST choons they've ever done in terms of straight up NASTY four-to-the-floor club killers, yep jay still got it

You can't sit and analyze this album.
you have to get up and dance to it to fall in love

Played it all weekend, mostly in the car, on my Bose sound system it sounds awesome. So much bass it hurts :-) It's shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of the last few years. There is hardly any filler which for an album these days is quite rare. Compared to a lot of current chart music this blows them out of the water. Will be interesting to see how well it does in a world dominated by Ed Sheeran, Drake, Bruno Mars etc. My only tiny complaint is a few tracks fade out far too quick. Cloud 9 and Superfresh would benefit from being allowed longer outros.

The last minute of the Something About You, amazing... I wish this song was 6 minutes long... The whole album is awesome... I've heard the Japanese bonus track Nice And Spicy, I wish this track was on all editions of the album, so funky!

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