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Added on Monday 27 March 2017, 13:08 (BST)

With the release of each album a biog about the album and Jamiroquai in general is released.  We have an archive of all of them here at - Automation is no exception and has now been added to the website.

"It's a complete album," says Kay with a glint in his eye and the slyest of grins. "It's a proper, finished album. The rule was all killer no filler. There were great tracks that we left off because they weren't quite great enough. We knew we had to get it right with this one. And if you don't get it right and don't make an album that's cohesive, that you dig, where the rhythms are right, the melodies are right, that just feels good and feels cool, then you know, what's the point of doing it? It's as simple as that."

The text contains lots of information about how the band came about and Jay's close working relationship with keyboard player and producer Matt Johnson:

"I knew I wanted to write and produce it with Matt Johnson our keyboard player. Matt's who I work best with. He gets it. He gets where I'm coming from. I said to him: It's time for us to do this and get it right. And everybody who's heard it thinks it's really fresh and sounds like us but moved forward."

Read the full bio for Automaton now.

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Two daughters?!? In this day and age of media intrusion, well done on keeping that on the low low. Obviously, congrats.

Ps, Enjoyed re-reading the past equivant biogs, even if they did make me feel old!

Great Biography report.
Good to see what Jay wanted to deliver with this album. No filler song.

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