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Added on Monday 27 March 2017, 11:36 (BST)

BBC Radio 2 broadcast Superfresh on the Ken Bruce show today (27 March) at around 11:20am.  As previously noted Automaton is the Album of the Week on the station.  A 30 second clip of the track can be heard on the BBC music website and the entire track can be heard using the BBC Radio player archive of the show.

More exclusive first plays of tracks from the album will be on Radio 2 all this week.

Credit: David P

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I'm not going searching for these tracks, but if they 'happen' to get played on the radio I'm not switching it off ! Roll on Friday.

PS 'You should be dancing' anyone?

Fair enough Ali, I wasn't going to search for them, it just came on whilst I was at work. For those that do its on the iPlayer radio app/website :

1hour 52 in.

Not much musical depth but it has a great groove to it. Strong electronic sound with a lot of effects. Great bass line. It's cool.

Does anyone now, which timestamp the song was played?

Found it, TIMESTAMP: 1:52:05


After hearing the short snippets of each track Superfresh wasn't the one which stood out instantly... however, hearing the whole thing I am impressed. It compliments the other tracks nicely and does feature a strong bassline. Overall great track!

Feels just like it's trying too hard
(actually i think it feels superbad)
/// i do like automaton & cloud 9 very much, so i'm hoping this is gonna be the only track i have to delete when i buy the album

That's amazing!! Pure jamiroquai, surely it'll be one of the best songs of the album

I really like it. It's something to dance to!

Are you kidding me ?
All these years for that ?

Awesome groove, the production on this track is excellent. It's Automaton meets Cloud 9. The bassline is amazing. Have great hopes for this album based on the 3 tracks heard so far.

Oh God, I don't want to be negative AGAIN, but, oh dear, what's happening?

It sounds like it doesn't know what it wants to be, and the production sounds incredibly thin again. Maybe Jay and Matt aren't the best choice of producers?

Really wanted to like this one but why - despite the other stuff - the vocoder-sounds on this track that just make you feel like visiting a cancer-hospital ((I know sounds bad but thats the picture in my head listening to this... sorry...)) (really, im not saying this cause im not a fan of the track, i tried to overcome it, but its like.... no good...)

This is much than Cloud 9 and Automaton. It's got great parts that they could have explored a little more, specially the chorus.
Paul did a great job with the bass this time and it's good to see the strings and groove back (which I don't see in the previous ones).

*much better than Cloud 9 and Automaton

No horns on the tour? I like Cloud 9, especially the remixes. While I applaud the creativity, so far, it's not what I was hoping for. We're going to both Tokyo shows anyway. Looking forward to hearing the full album on Friday!

I also think the vocoder effect is awkward but I still think this is the best of the three so far.

Production is thin? are you serious? Chunky progressive bass line, strong synths, rhythm guitar, strings, effects, this track has it all going on. I agree that Cloud 9 was a bit weak on production, but I guess not every track needs to be an every trick in the box production. Automaton is a brilliantly produced track so I think unfair to say J and M aren’t good producers.

So far the album meets the expectations - 3 lame, disposable, and forgettable tracks, that really don´t stand next to all the other crap being made these days. Autotune Jay, really, autotune? Jamiroquai, as a fearsome name of the business, i.e, a fantastic band doing extraordinary music ... is over.

Compared to TWM and Synkronized, with tracks written by Toby and Jay and production by Al Stone, this sounds lame and cheap. Just like most of Dynamite and RDLS.

Indeed, if Matt´s a great producer like it´s being said, then that makes Toby what, an extraterrestrial? Also, if Jay says Matt is the only guy so far who really understands him, it only proves the point (once again) that the fantastic Jamiroquai sound came mainly from master Toby.

I don't see why Jay himself doesn't recognize the fact that ever since Toby left, there has been no real hits. There is no edge to the sound anymore.

Probably because that way he would recognize that the real genious there was Toby, not him ...

Ken Bruce today played We Can Do It on BBC Radio 2 (11:25)

@PKL, I have to agree with you that Toby was the perfect partner and probably the one that provided that unique sound.

Matt is great as well but Toby was genius.

I am holding back with listening and my critique until I hear the whole album in full. Think it will need an entire liste ln to hear the whole story.

Did you change your mind after hearing the whole album? I do agree that Toby and Stu were key elements, but I felt some of the original vibes in Automaton again. It was definitely worth the wait this time.

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