Deetron remix of Automaton

Added on Saturday 04 February 2017, 06:45 (GMT)

BBC Radio 1 played the Deetron remix of Automaton during the Danny Howard show (start listening from 2 hours 39 minutes) on Friday night.  If you don't like remixes, do not click on the link!  Going back to the interview Jay did for Apple Music a few days ago he spoke about the Deetron remix saying:

"It really really worked, it's quite heavy, I'm really enjoying it."

The remix is also currently number 1 on the DMC Buzz Chart dated 2nd February as well as being number 1 on the Music Week Cool Cuts chart (go to 'Club' and the select 'Cool Cuts').  These are both pretty key charts in the UK dance music scene so it's good to see a welcome return at the top for Jamiroquai.

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The remix is fantastic! Is there a way I can purchase it anywhere? Is it on iTunes?

I'm hooked on this remix, but I can't find where to download it either...

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