Jamiroquai online store launched

Added on Friday 27 January 2017, 11:08 (GMT)

A Jamiroquai online store has been launched at  The main thing of interest is that you can order a limited edition 'mint pack' CD of the album signed by Jay.  The standard CD and double LP vinyl releases are also available.  Descriptions of the formats are as follows:

  • Vinyl - 'Automaton' Vinyl is a double heavyweight Gatefold vinyl, printed inners, consisting of twelve tracks including singles, 'Automaton' and 'Cloud 9' and a download code for Redemption of Digital album.
  • CD - 'Automaton’ consists of twelve tracks including singles, 'Automaton' and 'Cloud 9' and comes in a standard jewel case with a 16-page booklet including lyrics, exclusive photographs and thank yous.
  • CD (Limited Edition) - This limited edition packaging comes with a foil slip case and the first batch will be SIGNED by Jay Kay!

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Pre ordered, limited edition. Hope I'm in the 'first batch' !

Just ordered (2x). But i keep getting errors :( ... my bankaccount says i did pay though ... hmmm now what! Any suggestions? :)

According to website, Japanese edition of Automaton album includes "Nice And Spicy" as the 13th track. Tokyo is also hot and ready for Jamiroquai!

So much news! I can't keep up / get any work done!! haha

too late - signed copies sold out already!

I read the words 'mint pack' and was hoping to purchase a selection of mint crisp chocolates (like Elizabeth Shaw); with or without Jamiroquai logo. I'm disappointed.

Anyone else notice that the font why used for the album is the same one used in Blade Runner ? Anyone think that the song will appear on the soundtrack if the New blade runner movie coming out ?

I will wait and order the version with the most tracks. They sold out of the signed copies in about an hour.

Like the new colour scheme.

You can get a standard copy signed at a gig, trust me!!

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