Cloud 9 to be released as a single

Added on Friday 27 January 2017, 10:38 (GMT)

Cloud 9, one of the tracks on the newly announced album will be released as a single according to notes that accompany the album announcement.  The CD listing at the newly launched Jamiroquai online store says:

‘Automaton’ consists of twelve tracks including singles, ‘Automaton’ and ‘Cloud 9’ and comes in a standard jewel case with a 16-page booklet including lyrics, exclusive photographs and thank yous.

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Automaton Already up on spotify, dance to it!

I am dancing Marco Antonio Patino! Bit rusty and creaky but we all have a few months to get our moves back.

Going to be a little controversial and say my very first reaction to the opening of "Automaton" was "Oh". (Ez bore witness). And initially I only liked the chorus.

I now have time to listen on repeat and see how I really feel and I must say I love it. I didn't want to like it just because it was Jamiroquai and I am a huge fan etc etc but I do honestly love it.

Best bit? When the music rises and the song kicks in...can just imagine being in the crowd and just lifting off. Beautiful.

I suppose the initial disappointment was around the fact it wasn't the soul of Jamiroquai that I love...the horns, the feeling..but actually listen hard and it is.

Old fans/new fans there's some good interactive discussions going on in the facebook "Jamiroquai - Automaton" group. Settings now changed from public to closed so we can talk openly without the world looking in. And as Jessica King said we can be nerds without fear!

Chief Nerd Herder signing out.



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