Jamiroquai on Daily Mirror "Rich List"

Added on Saturday 22 April 2006, 17:20 (BST)

The Daily Mirror newspaper (UK), has published details of their "Showbiz Rich List" - stars whose finances are based in Britain and Ireland.

In the category that lists "Rock/pop Bands Annual income from records, tours etc." Jamiroquai are in eighth place, with £4.5m (GBP) earnings over the past year.  Top of the list is coldplay with £37m.

Full details can be found at the Mirror newspaper website.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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1 British pound = 19.689 Pesos, Jamiroquai should invest here in mexico!

Perhaps with all this money, they will be able to pay three kick horns players for the next tour... Every second scream, listen to your dreams... ;)

Jay K must buy the team of futbol soccer Boca Juniors of Argentina with all that silver! C'mon Jay!

Hahahaha! Yeah Martin, you're right!! Boca and Jamiroquai... everything!

wow thats amazing, still up there with the big boys! tells you how f##king good jamiroquai made it. get in.

Oh Funkadelic...It seems you've spoke my mind throuth you writing....
And I would add a little production to the stage, too
All my love, peace

Yeah Mariatifosi, in my opinion, we are all in the same state of mind. We must keep the faith but as for me, i'm loosing it...

Never lose faith....never!
I could tell you till my face is blue!

i love Coldplay very much..but Jamiroquai's Funkier.. ; )

Coming back to news from March 26th I'd like to mention a strange thing that Matt Johnson and Sola Akingbola, musicians which pictures I took in Markade studio together with french singer Eva Lanska in Paris, when they were recording some Gainsbourg's covers, they didn't invited Turner.

dont forget the cost of a worldtour like this,all the travelling and the peepz around the band,materials will chomp of a fortune from that 4 millions....

greetz from holland and cu in ahoy!!!

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