Argentinian concert television broadcast

Added on Thursday 20 April 2006, 13:46 (BST)
The concert held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 22 March is scheduled for broadcast this coming Saturday (22 April) at 23:00 on Argentinian television show La Viola, which is broadcast on channel TN.
Credit: Agustin B.

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record it!!!!!!
someone PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Yea, I hope someone will record it..

You asked for it, you got it!
Off course I'll record it, guys...!
I could never miss that!!!! I've recorded both previous shows here in Argentina ('97 and '99)which I've lived the memories and details of the shows never really go away...

How long this television broadcast will be?

Thanks Mariatifosi! Faster than the speed of light!

Well...The concert wasn't really that long (1 45' tops)so the show will be about two hours, or less...
Generally, this TV show, only televise the "bare" concert (I mean, no interviews, nor videos in the middle)...In fact, "la Viola" (wich is affective nickname for a guitar here in Argentina) televised the 99' show...and they ended it before the actual last song!!!! (a Super Wild live version of Deeper Underground)wich was the same last song than in March (Jamiroquai maybe wanted to repeat that incredible moment of thousands of people jumping and dancing ...CRAZYYYYYY)
As funkadelic just said...Fast as a sunbeam!!!
All my love,


Thanks for the information!!! I was there on the frontline and I really wanna have that moment forever!!! I will call my friends in Argentina so they record it for me, because now I am in Chile!! Maybe I am on the video too. ha ha!!! Great Vibes!!!!
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G concert!!!

Hey I see on the TN website they have a broadcast over the net. I wonder if they will show the Jamiroquai gig over this??!

grabenlo y pasenlo a sus hermanos Mexicanos Mil Gracias besos a todos los jamfan`s de Mundo



yeah, that's right FUNKYNIC

the show will be divided in two parts
the first this saturday, and the other on the next saturday, same hour, same channel.

Well...I hope they show it THIS saturday. I've been trying several weekends ago and all I got is Santana and Oasis. So I really hope it's Jami this time!
For the record, La Viola didn't televised the 99 show. It was shown in Puerta Abierta in Volver Channel(part of the multimedia Clarín, which also includes TN)

Your're totally right about Noe, "La VIola" didn't broadcast the concert...My mistake!!!
PD: the TV show wich did was called "PUERTA ABIERTA"???
Wasn't it "PUERTA V"?
All my love,

Please make available to download

man en afrgentrina estyuvo barabro, la mejor fiesta funki, q esuccha en mi vida, la verdadq espero volver a ver a jay kay por mi tierra, blow u mind......cya

Puerta V, Maria del Carmen :)

I'll record it, of course.

D! (dyego)

OOps! my mistake! Thank God us, Jami fans, are here to correct each other! JAJA

Que buena noticiaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

este canal tiene trasmisión on line??
si alguien sabe por favor, que avise!!!!
seria buenisimo si fuera asi.
para poder compartir con todos el magnifico recital q jamiroquai brindo en argentina.
Saludos a todos!

Hey, mariatifosi, send me the Argentina 97 concert!!!!!

Sisi. si tipeas, automáticamente podes ver el canal on-line. asi que si tenés una buena placa vas a poder disfrutar el show!!

Buena la transmisión por TN, pero muy corta y con baja calidad de sonido. De todas formas fue una linda manera de recordar esa fantástica e inolvidable noche funky. Viva Jamiro!

PD: Para quienes no lo pudieron grabar tengo entendido que el show se repetirá este domingo (23/4) por la tarde, estén atentos!

Lo grabe por TV en VHS, en algunos dias lo capturare para la PC, estuvo bueno, pero debo reconocer que esperaba mas...

Has this show aired..if so how long did it go for..was it good....was it recorded???

Esperaba un poco mas; pasaron 5 0 6 temas locos

loco fue un chiste ese programa...
pasaron 7 canciones, 3 cortadas
cortaron Alright en la mejor parte
sin contar las 3500 propagandas de ese programa de mierda
a oasis lo pasaron completo
TN hijos de puta

No importa hermanos!! porfa pasenlo!!! please!!!! No sean malitos !!! lo agradecere de vida.pasenlo porfa aca a mexico please!!!

ademas no pasaron ningun tema nuevo...

Hola amigos! que lastima que pasaron tan poco, pero porfa traten de ponerlo en la web cuando puedan para que todos revivamos aunque sea un pedacito de esa gran noche! Yo estuve alli pero vivo en Chile asi es que no lo puder ver.Aprovecho para decirles que chequeen en la web oficial esta propuesta que hago para un documetal: y tambien en:
Envien fotos de ustedes comunidad latina!!!
Gracias y Chao!!

Hello everyone...
All the concerts I have are VHS, unfortunately (I'm a fan from years and years ago...I'm afraid I'm becoming old...jajajajajajjaj)
I'll see what can I do about '97 Ferrocarril Oeste Concert....
all my love

I have just seen the broadcast of the concert and I must admit that I don't recognize my (our) band ! There is no energy on stage, even if the crowd is fantastic, and the worst thing is the sound. The bass they sound like beginners (listen to the bass !), without soul and emotion. Even Derrick, the greatest McKenzie, sounds horrible. No funk here ! I'm soooo disappointed. My love is gone... Funkadelic, former fan of the former best band in the world...

hey MARIATIFOSI is the ferrocarril Oeste concert that you have the comple one or the one that was showed on M21? which is not complete actually?

Mi mail de messenger es [email protected] por si te interesa... en caso de ser completo yo lo puedo digitalizar

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