In June 2011 Jamiroquai announced that they would be 'giving away' a new track entitled 'Smile' at, Faceboook and on The track did not have any artwork and fans were asked to submit designs.

A few days later the winner of the 'Smile' artwork design competition was announced as Zbigniew Klej from Australia. In a news item at Jay said "Hi everyone! I've been looking at the entries for the 'Smile' artwork and I have to say, I've been totally blown away! You guys are incredible! The creativity is absolutely extraordinary and it's been almost impossible to choose. I had several favourites and picking just one is so hard. In fact, I may release more singles called 'Smile' so I can use them all! In the end there was virtually nothing between my favourites, so after careful deliberation I chose the winner simply because it's the one that really resonates with me! Congratulations to the winner and many, many thanks for all the time, energy and creativity shown by every one who entered! Jay x"

The track was recorded during the recording sessions for the Rock Dust Light Star album and was not included on the final album.

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  • 1. Smile (5.14)
  • Catalogue Number: n/a
  • Year: 2011
  • Format: digital



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