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An Online Odyssey

This promotional only CD (hence the XPCD catalogue number) was sent out in the UK to help promote the launch of the "Funk Odyssey" official web site during the Summer of 2001.

Around 10,000 copies of this CD were pressed, with most being distributed in the UK. About a thousand were given away in other countries (100 in Spain, 50 in Belgium, 10 (!) in the States, plus some in Canada, France and so on). In the UK, the CD was given away with a "Club Odyssey" membership postcard (same design as the cover).

UK Promo release

UK Promo release

The version of Black Capricorn Day on this CD is mixed by Alex Gopher. The CD also contains the previously unreleased track "Snooze You Lose", and the (short version) video of Black Capricorn Day which was only broadcast in Japan.

  • 1. Black Capricorn Day - White Nights Remix (7.38)
  • 2. Snooze You Lose (3.55)
  • 3. Black Capricorn Day - Video (3.42)
  • Catalogue Number: XPCD 2572
  • Label: Sony Soho Square
  • Year: 2001
  • Format: CD
  • Packaging: cardboard sleeve

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