1998 Updates

Here you will find an archive of all the main updates made to the site during 1998.


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  • added details of Various Live bootleg CD. (23/10)
  • added details of UK promo CD and 12" release of Space Cowboy. (18/10)
  • added details of official promotional radio CD Live Radio Special. (18/10)
  • added second guitar bass tab for Travelling Without Moving. (18/10)
  • added details of Mexican one track promo release of Deeper Underground. (18/10)
  • added cover image for UK promo 12" release of Emergency On Planet Earth. (18/10)


  • added midi file for Deeper Underground (26/09)
  • added details of Deeper Underground UK 12", US 7", covers for UK/US 12" promos. (20/09)


  • added details of Deeper Underground Japenese promo release. (19/08)
  • added details of Deeper Underground Australian CD single, and UK and US promo 12" releases. (05/08)


  • added details of Deeper Underground US promo single release. (28/07)
  • added guitar tab for Deeper Underground. (26/07)
  • added details of yet another Jam In The Park bootleg - Cosmic Child. (26/07)
  • added details of Deeper Underground UK single release. (14/07)


  • added details of Do You Know Australian release and High Times 12" UK Promo releases. (27/06)
  • added information about cassette tape version of In-Store Jam release. (14/06)
  • added review of 08 June 1997 Jam In The Park concert at London's Finsbury Park. (13/06)
  • added review of 16 October 1996 concert in Leeds, UK. (09/06)


  • added details of Italian jukebox 7" releases of Virtual Insanity and Cosmic Girl singles. (28/05)
  • added article from April/May 1998 issue of Grammy Magazine. (24/05)
  • added details of Everyday promo single. (14/05)
  • added details of Emergency On Planet Earth UK promo 12" release. (12/05)
  • added cover image for Jazziroquai bootleg. (09/05)
  • added MIDI file for Mr Moon. (07/05)
  • added details of Australian promo release of Alright. (07/05)
  • added cover images for Right On Time and Funky Paranoia bootlegs. (06/05)


  • updated bass tabs for Virtual Insanity and Alright. (21/04)
  • added cover images and updated tracklisting for Vibrations bootleg. (19/04)
  • added tracklisting for Jazziroquai bootleg. (16/04)
  • added review of 18 October 1997 concert from Argentina. (13/04)
  • added details of Right On Time bootleg. (11/04)
  • added details of Live In Wolverhampton bootleg. (07/04)
  • added cover image for Travelling Without Moving European promo single release. (05/04)
  • added image for Emergency On Planet Earth US 12" release. (05/04)
  • added images for Alright Euro Promo 2x12" release. (05/04)


  • added cover image for Too Young To Die Live 1993 bootleg. (29/03)
  • added details of Festival bootleg. (28/03)
  • added review of 16 October 1997 Chilean concert. (24/03)
  • added details of Vibrations bootleg. (23/03)
  • added track listing for Funky Paranoia bootleg. (22/03)
  • added details of Too Young To Die Live 1993 bootleg. (21/03)
  • added details of Funky Paranoia bootleg. (19/03)
  • updated bass tab for Space Cowboy (video version). (14/03)
  • added images for the following 12" releases - Blow Your Mind UK, Cosmic Girl UK and US promo, Do You Know... UK promo, Emergency On Planet Earth UK and bootleg promo, Half The Man UK, Space Cowboy UK and US, Stillness In Time UK, When You Gonna Learn UK, UK promo, and US. (09/03)


  • added details of The Alright Collection bootleg. (26/02)
  • added details of Virtual Insanity Australian Remixes 2 single. (24/02)
  • added article about Jay Kay testing the Ford World Rally Car. (21/02)


  • Added Jamiroquai True Type font for downloading. (26/01)
  • Added cover images for God Made Me Funky bootleg. (22/01)
  • Added details of new bootleg Space Dancer - which is the same as the Touring Without Moving bootleg recorded at London's Royal Albert Hall during November 1996. (18/01)
  • Added details of French boxset containing the first two albums. (18/01)
  • Added Emergency On Planet Earth MiniDisc image. (17/01)
  • Added details of Hollywood Swinging Japanese minidisc recording. (10/01)
  • Added details of God Made Me Funky bootleg. (07/01)
  • Added cover image of Ultimate Rare Tracks bootleg. (07/01)
  • Added details of European Remixes High Times single. (07/01)
  • Added some more live RealAudio material to the music downloads page. (04/01)
  • Added ordering information for Live At Glastonbury, Tokyo 1995 bootleg. (03/01)
  • Added ordering information for Ultimate Rare Tracks bootleg. (01/01)