Toby Smith - 1970-2017

Added on Wednesday 12 April 2017, 12:28 (BST)
Toby Smith

It is with great sadness to hear and relay the news that original Jamiroquai keyboard player Toby Smith died on 11th April 2017.  He was an original member of the band until 2002 when he left to spend more time with his family.  He set up a recording studio at his home, started producing cider with some friends, built up a love (and garage) of classic cars and was a keen horse rider.  This is a very sad day for all Jamiroquai fans. Much love to his wife, children and the rest of his family.

Too Young To Die x

Update: Jay has posted a message on the bands Facebook page and tweeted "We will always miss you Toby, without you there would be no Jamiroquai".

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Wow, very sad. R.I.P

Very bad news my condolences for their family :(

RIP Toby Smith. The music you created had a huge impact on my life. Some can only hope and dream to achieve what you did. Thank you for creating music that will live forever and continue to touch and inspire like it did for me. God bless you, your family and friends. Too Young To Die indeed.

RIP. Too young to die indeed.

It's very sad to hear. RIP Toby Smith. You created amazing music over the years and it's been a huge inspiration. Too Young to Die. :(

Sad news 😔

Does anyone know the cause of death? What a tragedy.

Very sad news RIP Toby x

Very sad to hear. :( RIP Toby.

R.I.P. Dearest Toby; died on Wednesday the 12th of April.

Source? No other news online about this.

rest in peace, jazzy heart of jamiroquai, sad news, big lost.- thoughts of love to his family .

What's the source ? Let's show some respect for the family and wait for a more official announcement.

Very sad news. Loved the music he was a part of.

RIP Toby...

Only 47 years old. I'm shocked. My thoughts are with his family and friends. I thank him for his great sounds all those years.

Very sad, huge lost... Thanks Toby for your brilliant music

... enorme pérdida :(. Alma mater de Jamiroquai.

I can't find a source saying he died. Could you post it please?

Unfortunately it's true. I've just had it confirmed by NVG and Stu has just announced it on Instagram. What a sad sad day.

Stuart Zender has confirmed it and so has Nick van Gelder on their facebook profiles.

So sad.

RIP Toby. Thank you for all the amazing tunes. Tragic loss.

Very sad news indeed. As much a part of the Jamiroquai, that I so love, as Jay. To young to die!

Horrible news. I think I always had this notion that somewhere down the line we would see Toby again at one of the shows in the future if only for a moment.

What he created with the others is what Jamiroquai are all about. Those songs are his legacy and I sincerely mean it when I say RIP Toby.

In shock; cannot comprehend this...
RIP Toby
Thankyou for your magic.

Shocked and saddened. RIP Toby and thank you for the music

Toby helped create the soundtrack to our lives, especially growing up as a young teen (for me). Rest in Paradise dude, you were an inspiration and I will drink to you tonight.

I'm really hoping the official Jamiroquai sites will be paying some kind of tribute.

Una Lastima Para La Musica. QEPD.

shocked and sad

I'm shocked and confused.

Firstly all my sincere condolences for his family.

Toby was a great artist, an amazing musician. His work, his marvellous chords, his writing, his input in jamiroquai are forever in our hearts.

Thank you so much for all this amazing music which is a part of our lives.

All praises for you and your family. We miss you. Rest in peace.


Very sad and totally shocking news, RIP Toby. Thanks for the music and memories

You were such a healing influence on my life, Toby. You will ALWAYS be my favourite keys player. So devastated. Rest in Peace Brother.

Destroyed by the news, so sad, RIP, musical hero.

shocked.sad. He was the magician behind the harmonies, the chords, the licks played through his Rhodes. He created Mr Moon, I God, so sad...

I can feel what you feel, I have lost 4 friends since last september. It is the loneliest moment to lose a friend. so hearing such news makes me too emotional and I am tearing up. The saddest thing about death is it is a place with no sound and no music. so I lit a candle and listened to songs while singing along and it helped me a lot. Light a candle and dont be in silence.

Rip my man. You really knew how to Jam xxx

Does anyone know the cause of his death?

So sad. What a great keyboard player. The Return Of The Space Cowboy is still one of my fav albums. The keyboard work on Just Another Story gets me every time. RIP xxx

So sad! :( best keyboardplayer in the world. And a very nice guy!

I feel so sad to hear this I really enjoyed your music so rest in peace Toby youre too young to die.

I cant say any word now.. English its not my native and because of shock i cant release my sorrow. Toby you always be best and unequalled master for me!!!
On behalf of all russian fans: We will never forget you!!!

Rest In Peace Toby. Thanks for all the music ♥ You were the greatest! ;)


Rip Toby, i am your great Fun forever !!!!

I am deeply saddened by the news of Toby's passing.

Toby, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Thank you for the music.

Saddened to hear this news. Thank you Toby the music. Love to the band xx

Rest in Paradise Toby. Very saddened to hear about him passing on.

"Mr. Smith, gimme that riff"

I can't believe it... This is so so sad. Rest In Peace Toby :'(

As a fellow keyboard player, Toby's playing was influential and inspiring. I played in a few acid jazz bands back in the '90s myself and his contributions to Jamiroquai were one of the reasons I was a huge fan. He's one of the reasons my default keyboard sound is that of a Fender Rhodes. It was fortunate to have seen Jamiroquai in their prime, with Toby, Jay Kay, Stu Zender and the rest of the classic lineup, back in 1997 at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

Very sad to hear this... an inspiration to so many! The classic lineup are Jamiroquai! Peace.

Je suis triste d'apprendre sa disparition, je pense a sa famille et a la musique qu'il nous a offert. Merci

Very talented musician, thanks for your contribution Toby. RIP

RIP Toby
Such said news. Thanks for contributing to the music that has helped shape me as a person and my life.
I've recently suffered a big loss close to me and my heart goes out to his family and friends who will feel this pain.

It was cancer....I believe he had it over 5 years ago and was cured but it must have come back....

I really loved Toby. He was such a beauty and the best keyboard player i've ever known xx

So sad to hear of Toby's passing. RIP Mr. Moon
and blessings for his family.

I am shocked and saddened. Toby Smith helped create some of the greatest music in the history of music. May he rest in peace. He truly was too young to die.

Very sad to hear. Huge huge impact ... his rhodes/synths programming/playing was phenominally soulful and funky. May you rest in peace Mr. Smith, will not be forgotten

Holy smoke, I'm speechless, he was the soul in Jamiroquai. All the fans will be gutted about this. Rest In Peace, Toby Smith.

Awful news. Our prayers are with Toby's family and friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting u many times when u were recording or just hangin at Jay's place in Horsenden. U were a cool guy and loved ur Dogs. RIP mate.
"To Young To Die". Peace✌️🇬🇧🌹

I had the pleasure of meeting u many times when u were recording or just hangin at Jay's place in Horsenden. U were a cool guy and loved ur Dogs. RIP mate.
"To Young To Die". Peace✌️🇬🇧🌹

RIP Toby. It was so much fun growing up listening the music you created. You will be missed, and you already are

RIP Tony ... you inspired by you music a lot of people, and will surely inspire again for a long time :)

So sad . Right now, It is incredible to me. Rip.

Very sad day. Toby was truly gifted and had a zest for life that surely kept him going over the last 5 years when the illness took hold. An inspirational musician, producer, entrepreneur and, it turns out, consummate horseman. But above all, fiercely devoted to his family. Thoughts and best wishes with them.

How very sad indeed. Condolences to his family.

Sad news

Great arrangements, great records, funky and groves for the history

Very sad. Unbelievable. Another gifted person taken from us.

His music is the soundtrack to my life and my inspiration through my teens. Such a shame

RIP :(

Sweet dreams my hero. You're among the stars. And will shine forever.

Thank you for your contribution to the great vibes of Jamiroquai.

Very very sad news. Your talent was an inspiration for my music and my passion for vintage keyboards. Thanks for all! :-(

This is just, unbelievable. The heart and soul of the Jamiroquai sound and and incredibly talented musician.

Terrible news.. he brought so much in Jamiroquai, he made me fall in love with the band with the way he played.. Rest in Peace, you'll never be forgotten. Love from France. -A

Our hearts are broken for Toby and his family.Rest in peace,talented man.

Our hearts are broken for Toby and his family.Rest in peace,talented man.

I am so terribly sad I was the biggest fan. I wish I would be in the funeral so I could offer my Rhodes cover and put it next to his grave. Goodbye Toby. May the Universe be with your soul.

just cant believe.....This is the first time one on my favorite musicians dies, Such a good man,warm and talented...Toby thanks for keeping me alive in my teenage times,for lovely hammond tunes,lylics,for giving me a reason to smile in one of my heartbreaking times when my first love has left me...Always in my heart R.I.P.Toby

Its an absolute disgrace that no official Jamiroquai channel has mentioned this. They have been active every day apart from today. With Stuart Zender, Toby really made those first 2 albums unique, memorable and timeless

You will be always in our hearts. Infinite thanks for your music and good vibrations. Love, strenght and peace to the Smith family.

Can't believe the news !
For me Jamiroquai lost his soul when Toby left the band. The band didn't have their sound anymore. At that time I personnaly left Jamiroquai aside as there were no tunes that made me shiver anymore.
Rest in love.

May your soul and your gift of music be lifted throughout the cosmos...a SAD day in music. Toby was a SUPERB talent on the keys! Never Gonna Be Another...

Horrible nouvelle:"trop jeune pour mourir".
Toute ma solidarité à la famille et aux amis. Et mille mercis pour toute cette merveilleuse musique que j écoute depuis 24 ans.

As a fan since early '93, I'm shocked and saddened at the passing of a such musical great, and at such a young age. Toby brought me pleasure via his wonderful keyboard playing on those tracks I adore. Thoughts are with his family. RIP. :(

This saddens me to my core. My condolences to his family and friends.

Lovely bloke back with Woolfie RIP mate...

Man I am so pissed off. I've never met him but his music was such a part of my life that seems like a good buddy of mine has gone. F*cking cancer wipes of so many good people :(

The most saddest new in Jamiroquai's history. It will never be back that talented music to our ears. I'll miss him forever. Reach the sky, Toby.

It's a sad day for us all, my condolences to his family.

He had inspired so many with his music, including myself.

Those keyboards jams will forever be his legacy to our souls!!

RIP Toby Smith!

Still no announcement on official Jamiroquai channels. It doesn't matter under what circumstances he left the band. Absolutely disgusting. Rip Toby

So shocked and sad when I read about Toby Smith's death on Stuart Zender's Facebook page. IMHO, that lineup with Toby and Stu was Jamiroquai's best and will always be my favorite. Condolences to Toby's family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

@ james: it's the sadest moment in jamiroquai history. A mourning time. It's a deep loss especially for Jay : Toby was his friend, his soulmate. You can imagine how it is difficult for him to say something in these circumstances . Be Silent doesn't mean that you're disrespectful. He's a discret man (he doesn't care about Facebook and co) and he's surely with Toby's family. Jay will talk to us soon for sure. And once again, all prayers for Toby and his family. RIP Toby

Peace and love.

Well said J D. Especially about being silent. Am in tears :( ....sooooooo sad :((( Zender's tribute on youtube is just beautiful.
RIP Toby. Full of talent.

My deepest condolences to Mr toby smith and his family, your talent is unlimited... and will be missed xxx

The following has just been posted on the Jamiroquai Facebook page. I'm adding it here so that it doesn't get lost in time...

3.45 am Good Friday

Yesterday, I found out the news I was hoping, and truly believed, would never happen, that my dear friend Toby, had passed away. My heart hangs so heavy with grief and pain, that I have found it difficult to write anything about this up to now. The recent success of the new album has paled into complete and utter insignificance to me on hearing this terrible news.

Toby had fought this voracious illness with his own indefatigable and stubborn brand of spirit and courage for a very long time, and until fairly recently, had shown all the signs of beating it, only for it to take him away so cruelly from his wife, his children, his relations and his many friends.

But it has also taken him away from the millions of people who have enjoyed his music, the music I had the privilege of writing with him, the music that has brought joy and happiness to people's hearts across the whole planet for so long, and the music that leaves an indelible and everlasting legacy for all of us. This is my only solace at this most heartbreaking moment.

I have so much to say about the man but I will try to keep it brief for now. I want to remember Toby as the guy who struck me with his magic the first time I heard him play in my small bedsit in 1992, the guy who made laugh and cry in equal measure as we wrote the songs you all sing, the guy who would entertain us all on our most arduous tours with his obtuse sense of humour, and the guy who would crack me up with his quirky sense of style and his unique and candid views on people, life and love.

And so I want you all to remember him this way, because all you have to do is put his music on, wherever you are, whatever your mood, and let his amazing alchemy of chord structure, his mastery of timing, and his effortless and eloquent solos, get under your skin, right into your soul, and make you smile at the world, not matter how bad it seems.

He has been a huge part of my life. Without him, there would be no JAMIROQUAI, and as I write this, the moon is clear and bright in the sky, and I think of him how it should be, riding his mighty horse across it, leaving a trail of stars behind him.

I will miss you so much Tobesman. I will always be so proud of you. Ride the wind buddy, nothing can stop you now.

Your mate, Jx

Lovely tribute. People have to realise that it's utterly devastating losing someone close to you and Jay obviously needed time to get the right words out. These guys have been through so much together.
I really feel for everyone connected to Toby at this time.

Rip Toby. Very sad news

Rip Toby. Very sad news

Its sad that people find it acceptable that this devastating news was discovered through youtube, instagram and other means, not official. Zender was informed before Jay so it appears so maybe they didn't have that closeness anymore. Its also possible that the official channels were forced into saying something today. That said, I'm happy to see the official comment, its beautifully written and seems genuine. I certainly dont want to seem negative here, but I'm entitled to my opinion as anyone else is. None of the negativity matters now. The words have been said, and hopefully the tributes will introduce a new audience to the genius of Smith and Zender.

We'll miss you Toby. A lyrical composer, a tasteful musician, and a soulful man.

My thoughts and prayers to His Wife and Children - Toby, Thank You and R.I.P.

First of all, thank you Toby Smith for all your vibes! You're gonna live forever! Then, it' s ok if you want say bad things about the new record (I do not agree but okay)..but let jay free to choose how to react how he feels! What is the purpose of some official condolences on the official website? WE CAN BE BETTER! Arrivederci toby!!!

Rest in Peace, Toby :(

Massive loss ...RIP Toby

At last he had some recognition. In my view he has always been massively under-rated even by the Jamiroquai community. He was the low profile genious behind Jamiroquai and at least as important as Jay was. He crafted the unique and distinguishable sound that was worldwide recognized as the Jamiroquai sound. Those Rhodes chords, and sweet mellow synths will stand the test of time. When he left Jamiroquai went from an outstanding band to a good band, and never came back. On a personal level I wished I would meet him one day to tell him how much of fan I was and talk about music with him. Sadly that day will never come :(. Rest in peace Toby thank you so much for the wonderful music.

So sad, have been a fan of Jamiroquai from the first time that I heard "Too Young To Die" on the radio back in '93.........thanks for your contribution to so many fantastic tracks over the years Toby :( RIP

I met this gentle soul in Portobello Market many years ago with Tunji . May his soul rest in peace. Lovely warm musician.

物の哀れ… Such sad & sudden news. Really had me searching for some stillness in time. He was a hero of mine growing up, and there's not much more to add - the news is just too raw. He left us with many gifts - thank you so much, Toby.

I've been following this site since it started and I wanted to send my deepest sympathies to you as well. My heart hurts because he was really the soundtrack of our lives..because we are such fanatics. I can listen to his music and feel comforted. But I my heart goes out to his mates and to anyone he has touched-Hugs. Too Young To Die.

A great loss to music and to the world. A great influence on the 2000 to 2010 music. My deepest sympathy for the family and friends. May he rest in peace. One day we all will jam in that cloud in the sky.

R.I.P Toby, very sad news didn't expect this, shocked by this news.
I have been in this site for 12 years but decided to search to see what's going on with the release of the new album. I'm born on the same day as Toby, a year young then him, it's very shocking to hear he had died so young.
My heart goes out to his family, his friends and the band members, may you find comforted during this sad time, think of the good time and remember the found memories. My heart is breaking, very sad news.

Although I'm a guitar player, I do love the sound from Keyboards. You make Jamiroquai so funky as well. RIP, Toby.

Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 said some lovely words about Toby on her show on 18th April. This will be available to listen to online for 29 more days.

Lovely words indeed. There was only one choice of song that could have been played.

Nice words by Jo Whiley about Toby. Well said! What a really nice lead up to that song too.

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