Percussion takes a digital turn for Automaton - an update from Sola Akingbola

Added on Friday 03 March 2017, 06:06 (GMT)

Jamiroquai percussionist Sola Akingbola has written a blog on his website with an update on recent band rehearsals at Chillington Studios (Jay's house).  

"Ableton Live is our new digital companion as we prepare to go live with AUTOMATON - the latest Jamiroquai album. The new sound demands an evolution of technique; human/machine relations are on my mind as I adapt to the future of percussive production. How to retain the feel, and groove, as I move seamlessly from congas and skin to technologies of pad, trigger and loop?"

Guitarist Rob Harris tweeted a few days ago that there are no horns planned for the upcoming tour dates so it sounds like we're in for a slightly more digital feel with what's coming.  Head over to Sola's website for the full blog post and why not follow Sola on Twitter as well. The band have been rehearsing for a few days now and a handful of photos have been posted online - if you're not following the individual band members on social media then scroll down the Jamiroquai redit to find links to some recent tweets/instagram posts with photos from rehearsals.

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I admit that technologuy is running fast...and this is not the first "digital" guided tour up to now (U2 and many, many others are long time using backups, backtracks and whatever coming from 2 Macs left downstairs the stage...). If Sola is referring to..playing something new...ok, it could be a nice add to overall sound...but I'm a little bit puzzled: what if the whole band will have to ... run behind an Ableton master click?What will happen to spontaneity? What about solos, or breaks, or improvisations that made their tours so legendary?

No horns :(

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