Cloud 9 on BBC Radio 2 "A" playlist and "Record of the Week"

Added on Thursday 02 March 2017, 14:08 (GMT)

For the week beginning Saturday 4th March BBC Radio 2 have selected Cloud 9 to be their "Record of the Week".  They have also added the single to their "A" playlist, meaning that the track will be played around 20 times in the coming week.  It may get a few more plays as it's their 'Record of the Week' as well.

As far as I am aware the last time Jamiroquai were on a BBC Radio playlist was in January 2011 when Lifeline was added to the BBC Radio 2 "C" playlist.  In October 2005 (yes, over 11 years ago!) Give Hate A Chance was on the BBC Radio 1 "A" playlist - the last time I believe Jamiroquai was on an "A" list at the BBC.

This addition to the playlist may give the single a chance of getting into the UK top 100 charts.  We'll have to wait and see.

Credit: Kieran Powell

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That's amazing news.

On Jamirofan2000's youtube broadcast yesterday (incidentally his 99th...) he urged fans to promote, promote, promote and get behind Automaton. I really do feel there is a resurgence and energy around the band and the masses are listening to the hype.

Good vibes around Cloud 9.

Good. Hopefully we'll get to hear samples of the remaining tracks from the album soon. They can use the 'transmission' gimmick once every couple of days to feature a new song sample. That will add buzz and excitement leading up to its release by the end of the month.

I knew it was a hit the first time I heard it ;)

Now Jamiroquai can't even enter UK top 100? Oh boy times really changed (not that those very 2 poor singles deserve anything)


I think these two singles are some of the best they've ever done – Automaton is Jamiroquai looking towards the future, whilst Cloud 9 is them revelling in the sound they've made their own.

The reason Jamiroquai can't hit the Top 100 is because the "Official" chart is now a combination of Sales AND Streams, as opposed to just sales. Automaton actually reached number 46 on the Sales Only chart – which isn't bad considering the band had been pretty much silent for 7 years.

Unfortunately, the new Sales x Streaming format means artists such as The Chainsmokers and The Weeknd have an unfair advantage over older UK bands like Jamiroquai, seeing as they have a younger fan base who will stream their songs all day long as opposed to (what I assume) a lot of Jamiroquai fans will do and BUY the actual record – which doesn't contribute as much to the charts anymore as it used to.

Music labels are infamous for using 'black hat' techniques in order to fake views on YouTube and streams on other platforms. What they do is pay robot companies that will click on X or Y video/stream millions of times, in order to create the illusion of massive popularity. There's just no way that hundreds of millions of people are clicking on the latest music videos by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or those groups Jesse mentioned, because then that unprecedented popularity would translate into unprecedented sales. Reality tells another story. Music sales are way down across the board compared to decades ago. Why? Practically everything being produced is trash.

That might be true but Jamiroquai has definitely lost massive popularity, and became sort of a cult secondary band. And I just don't get whats the point of making crap songs as automaton that sound just like everybody else, not even as a commercial strategy level. Why competing with marketing powerhouses? Just stick with the music instead.

Any artist, young or old, can make a major breakthrough (without resorting to lame black hat trickery) by creating an incredible song that hits at the right time in the right place. Usually when those things happen, they're considered flukes or blind luck, because nobody can predict whether or not something will have a huge impact.

No matter which artist you care to mention, there's usually one particular moment that's considered their creative peak, with exceedingly few exceptions. In the case of Jamiroquai, TWM was them at the top of their game. It had amazing tracks throughout the entire album, many of which became major hits in succession, and that served to establish them as a force in the music scene. Synkronized was a strong follow-up but didn't quite have the same level of impact. On a related topic, it would be very interesting to compare whatever material was finished for Simphonized to TWM, but unless Jay or whoever releases it to the public, we'll never know.

Just to add to the debate between Michael and Leon here, I understand what Leon is getting at, but the UK is completely unique in that the charts here are as much a marketing competition as they are an indication of 'real' popularity, hence the reason that the masses in the UK have this warped idea that Jamiroquai are all about Virtual Insanity, Cosmic Girl, hats and cars. It's conventional wisdom, which is so very often completely wrong. Much like most people in the UK think that football is THE dominant sport in the World. It isn't - the press love to make us believe it is, but the actual statistics paint a completely different picture.

In reality, Jamiroquai are HUGELY popular, and one of the best known and well respected British musical artists around the world. Hell, I lived in the US for a year and was shocked at how well known they were there. I had absolutely no idea, but I've since learned that American musicians are huge fans of theirs and have been for years.

I'm with Leon that the first two singles from this album aren't the best, but I'm sure they'll be some stonkers on it, and don't forget that they'll reinvent some of the old tracks to play live, which is where they come alive and blow every other band out of the water.

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