Cloud 9 music video released

Added on Wednesday 22 February 2017, 09:54 (GMT)

The brand new music video for Cloud 9 is now available to watch on YouTube.

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And he's back.

Absolutelyy bloody awesome. Funky, sexy and fun. Totally current but with a nod to the past. Think the audio and visual combined make this a crowd pleaser.

And the cloud 9? Reminiscent of the Little L clap...its going to be lile a missing limbed mexican wave.

A big thumbs up from me.

com'n...I'm a long time fan of the band to define this video "awesome"? It's a collage between "WKNR", "Little L" and "Love foolosophy" mods...nothing special...landscapes, high level cars, high level model...mmmhh, not so innovative to be frank...

Hot. No other words needed.

Luca I disagree. The formula works. This is the brand. And isn't this the branded personality too?

Jay Kay = fancy cars, fancy women, fancy footwork.

Personally, I am not looking for innovative. I am looking for the features in this artist that delight me.

You forgot "Cosmic Girl"..... you prefer. Be safe with your certainties...

Am I right in thinking this video is a follow up/conclusion to Cosmic Girl? The white church and the scenery are *very* similar. Are both videos shot in the same place?! And the car she's driving is called "Cosmic"...

Hello Soulfulscotman...

It would appear that way. Jamirofan's update later will no doubt go into lots of detail.

Notice that Jay is wearing a similar jacket in appearances lately. Belstaff?


Same place for sure.
Video is gold; man, woman, car, dance.
The band have innovated for years; Automaton is a prime example of the power house strength this band continues to put out (both audio and visual) Cloud 9 is a man doing what he loves; for this I applaud.

seems strange that around 20-year-old girl is dancing with 47-year-old man at a bar. funny if there's story connection between cloud 9 and autmaton videos. the car is gorgeous.

Raizo I reckon the "20 year old girl" would take that. Monica Cruz is 50 this year....

Damn typo and early mornings. I mean 40!

She would look bloody amazing for 50!

I look bloody amazing at 39!

So, after 21 years, Monica Cruz is the Cosmic Girl, god dammit haha


To quote Raizo like a "20yr old girl".

Does anyone else notice Jay Kay's lisp in this video? I haven't noticed it in other Jamiroquai clips; almost like he wasn't singing live while recording the vid, but instead mouthing the lyrics.
Fully love the clip - but what do you guys think?

She is 39 years old and sister of Penelope Cruz? Just unbelievable! A 39-year-old lady looks much much older if she is Japanese (like me). Girls 10 years younger than Jay might suit him. I apoligise everyone for my poor knowledge on beautiful women in the world.

Lauren, I noticed the lisp too! I'm sure mouthing/lipsyncing in music videos is standard, so I doubt it's that. But I definitely noticed it too.

@Raizo I did know this either. So a common mistake. I thought she was maybe 30.

May I ask you how do you describe Monica's colour of skin in English? (do you think what is the most appropriate adjective that describes Monica's colour of skin in English?) I find it tremendously beautiful!

I'm happy today to know a gorgeous lady and that I finally find out the jacket Jay wore in BBC radioshow the other day! Might be this, but I wonder if there is any seller that ships this coat to Japan...

Good find with the jacket. Is it definitely that one? There may be a supplier in Japan?

Can you find out the sunglasses Monica wears in the car? They are very nice.

I would go for sun-kissed as skin colour. Or Mediterranean (if that can be described as a tone).

I will share the jacket details with the automaton group on fb. Thans again

Sun-kissed! That's the word I have wanted. That's the colour of Jessica Alba's skin who I love most. Now that I can express my favorite skin colour in English. Thank you very much!

I think the jacket Jay wears in is . I' m loving it and trying to purchase it from UK. The round cat eye sunglasses Monica wears is nice, but I failed to find out what it is. (seems very similar to , but I think she never wears $10 glasses.) I'm sorry, but I want to thank you again for replying me!

Raizo you are THE best at finding things on the net! Those sunglasses are very close to what Monica was wearing. I think my daughter would love them.

I do think it is that jacket, but another fan believes its Adidas. If you are on facebook i would like to invite you to join our private group for further discussion (Jamiroquai - Automaton) on this topic.

I'm sorry but I don't have any SNS accounts. About jacket, this is a video might have been shot on BBC radioshow day , and I think you can see the letters "Massimo Dutti" on his neck part. See around 2:09 on YouTube. I agree something is different, but everything might look better on Jay!

Raizo San you are correct again. I will let the guys in the Automaton group know that you are correct.

I am sure you heard that Leon Ware sadly passed away? I was introduced to his music through Jamiroquai's Late Night Tales (2003) and this loss has affected me deeply. He was a musical legend.

I wonder if anyone will want to try the pants JK is wearing in the video ....

Thank you for replying me and calling me raizo san in Japanese way. Simply call me raizo in your manner! And please tell your friends that leave one of that jacket (S-sized one) so that I can purchase it!!

Like you, Jay Kay and in my case Moodymann who respects fellow Detroit people led me to Leon's music. As a jazz lover, it is sad to hear on passing away of Al Jarreau, Larry Coryell and Leon Ware this month.

I've been trying to find out the pants Jay wears including in this video, but always fail because there's almost no clue unlike jackets and tracktops. Have you ever figure out any pants Jay likes to wear?

I want to express that I love Jay Kay's sound. The band are amazing talent, too. However.....1. Jay should stop appearing in his videos. The visual is stealing the beauty of his sound and 2. His lyrics (sometimes) don't make sense. He was always a talker and there are just far too many words in his lyrics. Aside from that, wonderful memories from a wonderful band.

It's interesting to see so many different views across social media around this video and the critique (good and bad) over what the individuals would have liked to seen.

As I am getting older I find myself doing more around what pleases me and makes me happy, than what makes others happy. Does it increase my happiness if i see the pleasure I can give others? Yes. But it should never come at the sacrifice of my own happiness.

Does Jay Kay sleep better at night because he makes me happy? Does he sleep better at night because he makes himself happy?

He is a success in his career and I feel should just do whatever makes him smile. At the end of the day it's what we all want in life.

and Raizo/Luca, in English:

pants = underwear.


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